State Of Origin 2018

It’s going to be an interesting series, and especially the opener.

Almost in “Clean slate” territory now, with lot’s of next gen heads getting slots for both sides.

Expecting a big Melbourne crowd at wht would be a rather dewy and slippery “G” this evening you’d think. Hopefully the Maroons can give Billy a fitting send off, … starting with a big win tonight.

Queenslanders by 10.

No matter what result, the young women of Melbourne are likely to be the real losers


You fear for NSW if they can’t win this seeing, seeing Qld’s generation has nearly been dismantled.

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Yep. If they can’t win this one it’s hard to see when they will win one.

Popping home quickly before heading into the MCG. Was a great event a few years back, hungry for more.

Carn the Maroons.


Last I saw NSW were paying around $1.40 for the win, Qld about $2.90. Either result is a ■■■■■■ good return on a two hour 50/50 contest. Maroons supporter but NSW should win running away.

Go the Blues!
I’m sure they will let me down again though

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I fear with Slatts now out, … you, and the Bookies might be right, … but I’m going with $20 @ the $2.90.


Go Maroons!
Smash these flogs again.

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NSW looking strong

Don’t you wish Phil Gould would just STFU?

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This could be a smashing. They look a way apart.

NSW strategy, run at Kaufusi. He is the human turnstile.

Sad but true.

christ that was brutal.


Cheap shot.

Love an open field when you have that much toe

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We’re back.

That looked gooood …

I’m happy about the 8 points up pay out. now come on Queensland :slight_smile: