Not signed up yet for next year. Big bombers man growing up apparently.
Love his attack on the man and ball, do we go after?



Mate, he’ll be sought after big time and quite expensive imo.
Not our Priority I would think.


Mids pls.

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He’s a gun and would add plenty to our back line, but for cost, both $and picks, we have other priorities.


May be.


Wouldn’t like us throwing huge dollars at JJ or any KP players. Mids only.


100% this.
Load up on mids

If someone of his quality is available, and you don’t ask the question, you are shooting yourself in the foot. May would add a lot to any side, and would be a big upgrade on Hartley and Brown.


Nup. Just not a need.

Yep I’d sign him, especially as Hooksey will be playing forward now. May/Hurley FB/CHB combo would be a great axis for our defence.

Of course he is a upgrade on those two but would cost a first rounder plus some aswell as probably $700k. Would rather offer Kelly or Dusty a mil a year

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Mids, mids and more mids, look at the dogs last year, putrid KP players, if we had a midfield that bats deep like a team like the dogs or crows Hartley would be an absolute out and out gun if he played for them

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Who do we go after in June?

Considering our excellent record of attracting quality midfielders to our club, we should pass up on the opportunity to recruit one of the best key defenders in comp.

He could help out Dea.
Would make a…great…team.


Very good

More defenders, more talls woo woo.

Haven’t won a final with this MO lets keep doing it.

We’ve never had a good pick 1, so we should’ve passed on pick 1 last year? Is that the logic? Past performance = future performance?

Hooker pick 55?, Brown pick 54, Bellcho PSD pick 5, Harts pick 68, Stewart traded for pick 77, Ambrose & McNernan rookies, Leuney FA: decent key positions can be found with late picks and cheap deals.
And keeping in mind it’s the Gold Coast, they’d want our first pick, Daniher and Hurley for him.

No thanks