Steve Beaumont

Small forward from Cooee in Tasmania in the Tuddy era in the 70s has dropped off the twig.

Tasmanian Hall of Fame inductee.

A very “vigorous” competitor, he also played cricket with Glenhuntly CC in the year or two before my club merged with them.

Wore #3 and was a significant participant, if not instigator, off the Windy Hill Brawl of 1975.


Steve earned his stripes at Essendon and will always be remembered as an honest and reliable contributor during his time with the Mighty Bombers. Condolences to his extended family. R.I.P. Steve and thanks for wearing the Red n Black. :heart:


Nuggety and reliable, and knew where the goals were.
Very sad to hear of his passing, Vale Steve.


No idea who he is, but RIP.

Was a tough little bloke - loved a fight. Thrived under Tuddenham but didn’t last long under Bill Stephen.


Damn right he was.:+1:

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handy player…he could have played a few more games but not the most disciplined or consistent player
Sad to hear he’s passed away , he wouldn’t have been too old

62yo 72yo

I thought you were a maths guy?

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To be fair, this only jumped out at me because I have a maybe 10 year (ish) old’s memory of watching the bombers and being right next to the cheer squad (might have been Arden St?)

Anyway, impossibly nuggetty Steve B was pushing and shoving his opponent until at the last instant he curled his arm around the ball as it landed. Somehow it stuck between his bicep and his wrapping hand…

Anyway I’m 60 and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t 12 (ish) at the time…

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R.I.P. Steve and thanks for wearing the Red n Black.


I remember his first game against Carlton at Princess Park in the wet. Possibly the best game he ever played - looked like he could be anything.


Yes, his best games were played in wet conditions. iirc He was good enough to soundly beat Leigh Matthews on one rainy day.

Steve Copping. #24

Condolences to the family. R I P.


I got excited that a small forward is training with us.

Sorry to hear…RIP