Stuff your parents kept for you that was cool / not cool

So given majority of us are going to see our parents it’s a good time to talk about stuff they kept for you when you were a child to handover later on in life as momentos.

So for example I have all of my school reports cause my parents kept them all.

But, I also have ALL of my baby teeth… in a jar…


Lego. Heaps of lego. My kids and I spend hours playing with it when we stay at their place. Knights and castles, retro space lego. It’s the shiz.

And Star Wars figurines. Except my brother stole them all and has them on display in his study. They will be mine again, I swear on Greedo’s half-chewed head…


I kept a ton of books from my childhood (Enid Blyton, Hardy Boys, Willard Price, etc) to pass to my kids. My eldest really enjoyed them but sadly, the other two are not into reading. YouTube and gaming interests them much more.

Now the books are so old and worn, I don’t think I can donate them to a library.

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Dozens of MAD Magazines. My kids love them so much, we got them subscriptions for presents.

Vintage Star Wars figure that got broken within minutes by my kids ‘daddy can you put Darth Vader’s head back on’

I also got given teeth and what I think is first lock of hair.

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Wish I had of kept all of mine along with the Cracked! magazines I collected too

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My old Kindergarten scrap book and Teddy Bear. My oldest (Mr 7yr old) sleeps with the bear.

Conviniently (for them) my old Tazo collection which had 5 seasons worth of Tazos (2x Looney Tunes, 2x Cheetohs and 1x Simpsons) had disappeared. I looked up the value which came out at about $200 as it was in the folder and not played with so near mint condition.

Reckon they sold it.

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Telstra 1 and 2 shares… not cool


Mum still has our old report cards, and we got the occasional embarrassing reminder of the contents.

Then a few weeks back she found one of hers from High School.

“Mother Koala works well and has achieved very satisfactory results. It is felt that if she curtailed a tendency towards talkativeness in class she could improve her standards of work”.

Gum leaf doesn’t fall far from the tree :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I had 80s and 90s basketball cards of early Michael Jordan that would have been worth a fair bit now. I kept them mint but my mum threw out.

Kept other useless things I collected though.

Got a record player recently. Seen the old man on the weekend and he gave me some old vinyl. One was Best of Rolf Harris, another was a compilation of Al Jolson, complete with black face and white gloves. My 16 year old daughter was horrified.

He also gave me Sgt Peppers some ABBA and Men At Work, so it wasn’t all bad.


My grandad gave me his stamp collection from England when I was young, I have kept it in great condition. I don’t want to see if it’s worth anything lol

i was given 2 scrapbooks with birthday cards birth certificate first dummy telegrams from when i was born weight card…picture of me winning baby of the year 1967 school reports photos of sports career paper clippings my first pay slip it goes all the way to when i turned 21…you name its in those scrapbooks

quote school report

xxx can do better needs to pay attention more needs to try harder…

oh and i got photo of every year of school whih may include the first girl i kissed…lol …we all remember that!

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My dad left a heap of stamps. Very hard to move. The market appears to have disappeared, apart from rare, high value stuff.

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The look on the young lads face when he opened 1 of his Xmas presents .
2 Stussy tee shirts that he wore in the early 90’s possibly Nirvana at Festival Hall and looked like he was proud to have them back. So if you see them in the Northern Suburbs ask the wearer where he got them from.

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Found a bunch of old Magic Cards at Mum’s place from high school (mid-Ninetys). One deck I had had a bunch of cards worth upwards of 400 and 1300 each