Stupidity is worse than the coronavirus!

I will tell my story, and to be more specific - it is just a cry of the soul. Probably, I am a nervous wreck. I used to think that nothing could be worse than quarantine and a pandemic. But how wrong and naive I was!

Well, there is no need to explain what quarantine is, everyone knows it. I was doing my remote work well and quickly, and there was still a lot of free time remained, and I had a computer in front of me! So, one day a vivid casino ad interested me. That day I got my salary to an electronic wallet. I considered this a Fortune sign, and without thinking, I registered in an online casino and deposited $100. Maybe you will not believe me, but that day I was really lucky, by the night my deposit increased 6 times!

I did not expect myself to be such a gambling person, and, moreover, lucky. However, my euphoria did not last long; I lost everything at the roulette. Nevertheless, I could not stop, I really wanted to win, and please my family, to prove that I can earn money even on quarantine! I decided to roll the dice, and deposited a larger amount. I did not consult with my wife; I just put money into the game that we had been saving for 2 years. We wanted to start building a dacha but decided to wait, because no one knew how much more the Covid would spread. Maybe there would be nothing to live on, no need to talk about dacha!

Remembering those evenings at the online casino, I am like looking at myself from the side, and I am horrified. What came over me that time? It is like an eclipse of some kind! My $ 10,000 was melting away before my eyes, but there was still 2,000 remained on the account, and I was hoping to recoup it, when, like a bolt from the blue, I got terrible news. My elder brother, who lived in another city, was in the ICU at the Covid center, and his health condition was critical.

My wife told me that we had to drive there urgently, support the family, and provide assistance! However, it was impossible to visit them! They were on self-isolation! We would have to live in a hotel. Overall, it would be very expensive. Of course, I wanted to urgently withdraw the remaining amount; it would have been at least some money! I could not do without them! And there, friends, it started something, from what I almost had a nervous heart attack!

2 days after creating the withdrawal request, the support wrote me that it is required to send a photo of the credit card. I sent it right after their message. 3 days later, I was told that the quality of the photo was bad. I took another photo. Again, it turned out to be wrong, although, in fact, the photo was good. Finally, after sending the photo for the third time, I got a response from the support service. They told me that the withdrawal was being processed, and I needed to wait since there were many withdrawal requests.

That very evening we were told that my brother had died. I was sitting without money, and could not admit to anyone that I had lost a huge amount, and could not withdraw the rest to somehow help my brother’s family. Cursing my own stupidity, and calming my nerves a little after losing my brother, I logged into my account again a few days later. Well, you have already guessed that the status “in processing” has not changed. The casino did not withdraw me any money. Do you want to know the name of this nice place? Ruby Fortune – remember it well!

I feel like the last bastard, maybe my brother needed some medicine, maybe I could have done something? My wife does not know about the money yet, I am deceiving her as much as I can, just stalling time. What do I hope for? Do not know. I am asking for advice from those who have faced a similar situation. What should I do? Do I have any chances to get my money back?

I’m sorry to hear this story.

I don’t think there is anything you could have done for your brother, so don’t feel bad about that. I’m sorry for your loss.

Online gambling is evil and you won’t be the last person to be sucked in by it.

I wish you all the best rebuilding things and I’m sure you’ll be able to do it with the support of family and friends.

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And please please cancel your credit card immediately if you haven’t done so already.


I know someone that did the online thing and won a fair bit, and he decided to pull the pin and withdraw it.

They made him jump through all sorts of hoops, and then only paid it out in dribs and drabs, and apparently all this is in the fine print, the purpose being of course, that they hope while they delay payment, you will get back on and they’ll take it all away.

He stuck with it, 50 times maybe back and forth with all the calls texts emails etc,. and I’m happy to say waited it out and skun the bastards.

They are a disease, Get what’s left back, and don’t ever go back.