Supercoach 2022

OK it’s a new year and there are new rules!

35 trades and trade boost! Will you go Premo and Rookies? or fall for the fools gold of the midpricers?

Last year I tried to run a cash league but failed dismally because I handed out the code without getting money and then everyone disappeared.

This year I will be running a cash league again but this time I’ll wait for the money to be deposited before handing out the code. Haha! I’m learning.

Same rules. 20 bucks buys you a seat.

$360 prize pool.
$200 Winner
$100 second
$40 for 3rd
$20 for the Minor Premier

As it was my fault last year I will be honouring the prize money if you join again.
@Jake_Brady_10 $200 bucks coming your way.
And who came third out of The Daywalkers @mb06 Vs Mitcham Marvells @Jefferson?

So hit me up for bank details and let’s get rolling.

Let’s start the Supercoach chat.


IN: Speedy

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Message sent

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I’m keen.

And will pay for my entry for last year too.

I’ll jump in. Will send money soon.

Yeah I’m in again, will pay for this and last years season

In for 2022 and can support the 2021 entry payment also (even though I’m sure I was ROBBED somehow)

i would like to join if there is a space available?

Same, same if room.

For those like me that are way too ■■■■ to put money on it

556809 - Blitz

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I’m in if there’s still room. Also, quick question - has there been any training reports lately. Can’t find anything.

I’m keen

Im in too. As above i will pay last years entry too.
As for the 3rd 4th playoff i honestly cant remember which means i probably lost!

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In again. I can’t remember if I came 3rd or 4th.

Im in if there is a spot pm me

I have created a Free Bomber Blitz Supercoach League. Code 590073

This is free of charge, no cash prizes, just play for fun.


For those who may have missed.

So many good forwards.

Tough call on many of them.

I also have those two bomberblitz leagues i created the last few years i have remade so if you were in them you would have been sent an email yo join. If not then here are the codes :slight_smile: yes they are free