Supercoach 2023

For some reason this year seems a little more difficult than most. Who is going to go with the expensive rookies? or get stung by the tempting midpricers. Or all premos and bottoms pricers? And what to do with the rucks?

I’m running the cash league again this year.
20 entrants $20 to enter.
$400 prize pool.
$220 Winner
$100 second
$40 for 3rd
$20 for 4th
$20 for the Minor Premier

I am inviting back the same people as last year. If you are not back to me by
5pm March 3rd I will take NIL below.

So DM me for the bank details and the code.
@Fairybread @Klawdy @redbull @Jim @mb06 @Speedy_Gonzales @Nifty_Nev @Jake_Brady_10 @Milanista28 @Split_Infinity

Let’s start the Supercoach chat.


I can’t see myself losing a game.

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@AVanderScreamer @Jefferson @PaulBarnard @Crazy_Bomber @Roys_Robots @Zimmer @Fozdog @benny @dbeas


i’ll slab that.

I’m in. Send me details

That would be a very safe bet for you. I’m stoopid…but not THAT stoopid.

Yes, in. Send the details sir.

Also this.

I’ll be in if there’s a spot, pm code.

@The_Ant in, send bank details

Great thanks.

Yep I’m in again.

In. Send me details please

No probs Jim.

I’m in to defend my throne.


I’m in @The_Ant

I hope @The_Ant doesn’t mind this…
But if anyone is looking to be part of a DT keeper league, there is a spot available in the prestigious first created FF keeper league on this Blitz board.

There are costs involved, you will take over an already created team (and one that has been very good for a long time, just ask @Crazy_Bomber) and have an opportunity to reshape the team with an upcoming trade period and a draft. All coaches are very competitive.

These opportunities don’t pop up often, so first in has the best opportunity.
Just get in touch with @Allblack or myself for further details.



Rucks are the hardest this year. Thr days of Gawndy are over. Feels like its a year to load up on premo forwards.

Yeah let’s go again, PM deets

you are first in line if there is a drop out from last year.

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100%. Make the right decision on the rucks and you are halfway there.