Supercoach 2024

So with 4 weeks til the season starts it’s time to look at our teams and league.

I’m running the cash league again this year for 20 people.
20 entrants $20 to enter.
$400 prize pool.
$220 Winner
$100 second
$40 for 3rd
$20 for 4th
$20 for the Minor Premier

I am inviting back the same people as last year. If you are not back to me by
Friday 5pm March 1st I will take NIL below.

So DM me for the bank details and the code.
@Fairybread @Klawdy @redbull @Jim @mb06 @Speedy_Gonzales @Nifty_Nev @Jake_Brady_10 @Milanista28 @Split_Infinity

Let’s start the Supercoach chat.


@AVanderScreamer @Jefferson @PaulBarnard @Crazy_Bomber @Roys_Robots @Zimmer @Fozdog @benny @dbeas

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Yes I’m down for.


Yeah I’ll go again

I’m available for money Leagues if there is a spot.

I’ll pop you NIL if someone doesn’t come back.

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No cash league for me, but have done my first draft, thanks for the heads up.

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As if you’d put your team up!

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And me if there’s a spot (also money leagues)

I’ll put you down on the wait list for the cash league.

I’m sure others will setup a regular league.

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Thanks @The_Ant, but I think I might give it a miss this year.

Goodluck and have fun to those who play.

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A lot of options to choose in DEF and MID this year. I think whoever nails the forward line will be the ones up at the top.

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Yes please

First crack and it looks to be a lot harder to field a quality side in the early rounds than last year, nowhere near as many bargains this time around.
Where’s Nic Martin in the backline at 500 k when you need him.

Yep I’m back in for sure. Can’t wait to finally win this one

Count me in.

I’m in Ant, cheers

I’ll jump in again if I’m not too late. @The_Ant Cheers.

Any free leagues on the go this season?