Supercoach 2024

Could be worse, you could have been projected at 2400, and come up the same 400 short…

14 “keepers” <100

got 2357 last week.

not much cash though so need to bring some cash cows in.

Great score.

What do you need cash for? Surely you’re fully upgraded and the trades left are for injuries?
It would take 2 trades now to get any cash (trade in player then player out).

Upgraded simpkin to flanders.

and traded in lawson Humphries from cats

will probably keep last 6 trades for injury i guess

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This is by far my least favourite season ever. Basically checked out.

My team is pretty sh!te but 40 trades has just been a killer. No strategy, no discipline, just reckless trading and all teams look near identical.


It used to be 20 trades. No boosts, no 3 trades per bye round.

It was much more skilful.

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Some actual differences in teams, hard calls on who to keep vs cull etc.

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Caldwell a nice addition to my forward line.


■■■■ Rozee.

Wish I had captained Rozee over Bont.

Also very happy with my McKercher hold. Carried him through the byes and paid me back today with 134


Thinking of trading Touk seeing he’s out for 2 to 3.

My options are, due to limited budget: Rowell (who I traded out 2 weeks ago), C Warner, Dawson.


They’re all pretty ordinary options.

I think the mids this year have been underwhelming. The backline seems to be where the points are. So much so I swung Daicos into the middle so I could have another defender.

If you’ve only got Miller to worry about then you’re lucky. I’ve got Miller, McGovern and Gawn!


Heeney out for a week will test some benches as well.

Oh who I’m kidding as if his suspension will stand


My team is in tatters.

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Like everyone’s

Mouthed off and got cocky when I was going well, got a kick up the butt after losing the next 5 and some of them were very close.
Miller out for Rozee
Aleer out for Tom Stewart… burning the trades now like there’s no tomorrow.

for me it’s which injured player do I trade.

Should coulda woulda…

I scored 2578.

If I had put the “E” on David Swallow this week (instead of Rowell), I may well have won the Supercoach weekly.

It’s not so far-fetched, as Swallow started at the first bounce, while Rowell started on the bench.

Hypotheticals like this are probably the closest I’ll ever get…


Congrats mate, that is huge. Where did you rank?