Tac/u18 Thread


After a little bit of cyber stalking:

They were both Western Jets and both have connections to Taylors Lakes, with Johnny playing football for them and Cameron at Taylors Lakes Secondary College, and plays football for Hillside which is next door.

Could be cousins maybe.


Raynar will wind up at the Bears, unfortunately.


Rayner Bear eh??


VM versus SA...SA have too many meatball mids who were found out for defensive run? Anyway VM dominated.

VM players that caught my eye: Stephenson, Rayner, Fogarty, Moore...Naish, Higgins?

SA players that caught my eye: Petty...anyone else?. .. Rankine?? I was struggling to make them out...


Fogarty (both sa and VM) as well as rayner are potential #1s too.

@SplitRound higgins might be our guy? kinda unassuming but more than solid and not 'star' power like rayner and the other top mids?


Whats Raynars first name ?? #Lazy

Edit: nvr mnd, .. it,s RaynEr.. found him.


Cameron Rayner

No - 19

Club - Essendon Doutta Stars/Penleigh & Essendon Grammar

Who'd he support as a Kid??

Height - 187cm

Weight - 88kg

Good size for a Mid.


Higgins was phenomenal last week. If he keeps playing like that and is around in the back half of the first round you could almost guarantee we'll take him. Ultra professional shortish guy is basically our thing these days (Parish, Zerrett, McGrath)

Edit: it's interesting looking at this thread from the same time last year. Clug, Brodie, Ainsworth getting discussed, someone says "McGrath could be a good get if we trade down." I assume by the end of the year the guys I like now will either be top 5 picks or speculative rookie picks.


I doubt we'll select someone under 182cm with our first pick this year.


We may well have a top 6 pick. Who should we get??



or Higgins.




Bring in the tanks!


There was some more champs games today. wonder if anyone caught them?


Saw a fantastic running goal from Rayner in the last quarter.
He is class


Need him to lay low for a bit, needs to reach our pick


I caught bits of the second half on my phone while 'working'.
Brander for the allies looked good up forward too.


If we lay low for a bit we will reach his pick.


Would give my first born for a chance to get our hands on Rankine next year, currently putting on a clinic vs Vic Country atm.


Watched Rankine last Friday. Undoubted underage talent, but at this stage is a selfish player. He needs to more team oriented