Tac/u18 Thread


2006 was one of the best drafts for talls around. And that was exactly what it was spruiked as.


2006 was looking like it was going to be the all time draft for talls 6 or 7 years ago. There's definitely still a lot of decent to good talls who came out of it (on top of a few stars), way more than average, but around 2010/11 it looked like there was going to be a bunch of absolute stars. A few just stalled, but a fair number of injury affected/shortened/ruined careers out of that draft (Gumby, Leuenberger, both Browns, Jamison, Dawes)


VC vs WA on fox right now

VM vs SA next


Forgot the WA v Vic Country game was on today. Bugger. Oh well, watching the second half.


Yeah i'm hoping a certain country pulls through.


There's a bloke out there called Aaron Redhead. You'll never guess what he looks like.


A purple people eater?


I haven't been following the U18s, so don't have a clue who is rated, but wandered into Etihad at quarter time...fortunately they gave me a record upon entry!

At the final siren, WA's nimble players and fast ball movement had won out over VC's grunt (from bigger bodies?).

WA players that caught my eye: Ainsworth, Hill, Starcevich...Patmore, Tucker?

VC players that caught my eye: Davies-Uniacke, Jiath, Obrien...Ling, Dow?

Take with plenty of salt, as I haven't seen any of these kids before.


Davies-uniacke is a potential pick 1.


Only saw a quarter and a half, so no point doing a review. I'm on the Worpel train though.


Worst name ever.


we want cam rayner, hes rocking the dusty haircut.


Metro giving SA an absolute bath at the moment.


The one who just kicked back to back goals in about 30 seconds? That Rayner?


Rayner kicks 2 in 20 seconds


It's Rayning goals.


Any relation t Johnny Rayner?


I don't reckon.


Half time, Metro by 43.
Rayner's had a bunch of the ball and 3 goals again, will be interested to see if he disappears in the second again too.

I'm trying to keep an eye out for well rounded mids that aren't going to be top 10 picks, and from that point of view I've quite liked Brayshaw. Not BOG or anything, but seems a nice size, quick, good ball use.

Aaand apparently I'm going to miss the second half. Well at least I'm recording it.


You never know.