Tac/u18 Thread


Talking of Norwood players, one of the South Aussies rated Sam Rudolph as a tallish defender a few years back.

That boat has now sailed…he’s retired to take over as Waste Manager at the Shire of Moyne, after playing for Port Fairy for about 3 or 4 years.


I’d like someone a bit taller than Valente. 188 minimum for me, but preferably 190 - 191 or thereabouts would be nice.


He played for Glenelg


Think we could find a few @benfti specials especially from WA. Sydney Stack and Ethan Hansen both look like nice prospects


is that the name of medium height midfielders that all look the same @ sydney called?


I like the Collier-Dawkins vid posted earlier.


Fkg scania?


It’s @Diggers’ wet dream.


I think it will be interesting to see where Hill gets picked…I reckon guys that small can slide quite a lot…a la Higgins…


Pass on talented small at your own peril, look what Fantasia has been able to do for us. He may not be the player we need at our first pick but he should become a bonafide Star forward/wingman

I’m just watching the reply of Allies vs WA and Sydney Stack laid an awesome sheppard. He is a hard player to compare but despite his lighter size he cracks in hard but he also has good speed and a touch of class on the outside, has played mostly in the middle for WA but he could also play wing/HF/HB pretty easily


I reckon he is like a miniature Shaun Burgoyne, just does everything right, can play anywhere, can rack them up and has leadership potential wouldn’t hesitate with our 2nd.


Good player in the Hampden League, as you’d expect. Rangy sort of loose-limbed half-back.


I’ve heard if he cleaned up off field their are clubs that would take him in the 1st round


What are his off-field issues, training standards? partying? FarkCarlton fan?

Cause only one of those would make me put a line through him


I’m not sure, it was eluded to in the commentary that he had offield issues, he was even booted out of the AFL academy so make of that what you will


Just finished watching the Allies vs WA, some players of note

11 Luke English
Just your standard hard working midfielder he is a smart user he has neat skills just not very damaging a bit like Mutch, I can’t see him going top 40 but he may find a home for a team looking for some midfield depth

  1. Sydney Stack
    I really like this kid he cracks in hard depsite his size and he moves well in traffic and makes good decisions. Put on a ripper sheppard aswell which really caught my eye, he could be a top 20 bolter

  2. Jordan Clark
    Now he got heaps of the ball and used it pretty well by foot but I wasn’t a fan of his defending, he was very loose and didn’t see him in any one on ones. A few times he would fly for marks in a pack and not impact while his smaller opposition player would pick of the crumbs. Would need to lift his defensive efforts or else I see him as a pure wingman at the next level.

  3. Ethan Hansen
    Really nice mover and good decision maker playing mostly half back but he did push up the ground a bit. His only real blunder came in the last quarter when he overran the ball which I feel was because of the player coming the other way so hopefully it was just poor timing and not because he shirked contact, would look at as a rookie prospect

  4. Luke Foley
    18 year old who played mostly in the midfield he is a nice size at 187cm and he is still very light so a lot to work with, showed a good mix of inside and outside ball winning and he made some gold decisions by foot. Not sure where to fit him but certainly looks draftable

  5. Dillon O’Rielly
    I thought this was his worst game but he still bobbed up for 2 goals and did some nice things without really looking like a threatening tall forward. He is a hard one to rate at this stage I’ll have to go back and watch his older games.


  1. Chayce Jones
    This guy is like another Guelfi he can ply anywhere and compete. Loved his tackling which I think is one of the better tackling techniques I’ve seen from an under 18 player. Likes to use both sides and take the game on and he is easy to like.

  2. Bailey Scott
    He played an excellent game working hard offensively and to help out in defence, he generally used the ball well and was clean and proactive at stoppages. He is tied to either father-son or academy so we can’t grab him but his game was certainly noteworthy

  3. Connor McFadyen
    Another tied to an academy which is Brisbane’s and we would be salivating if he was in our academy he is 190cm strong contested forward/mid in the Curnow mould. Certainly has a bit to work on with his kicking but he presents well and is a good contested mark up forward and he has good hands at the stoppages.

  4. Jacob Koschitzke
    The cousin of Justin he starred in defence reading the play extremely well and defending equally well with good spoils. He is a safe user of the ball and generally makes good decisions. Not the player we should be looking for but their is plenty to like, he can play key forward but he has looked most impressive as a defender.

  5. Tarryn Thomas
    Smooth mover with gray composure and nice size you can see why North are excited about him, he certainly hasn’t stared as much as expected in the champs but he has always been in the Allies better players with his best certainly yet to come.

  6. Nick Blakey
    Gun, simple as that and the Swans have landed another quality academy player. He is 195cm but he moves extremely well and he is a ■■■■■■ good left foot kick aswell. He started forward but he dominated when sent into the middle in the 3rd quarter. Loved how he always stayed on move at stoppages trying to create something for the Allies. They wouldn’t have got anywhere near WA without him, he is another that could be the best player to come from this draft.


I’m always suspicious when these WA lads have off-field issues, you never know if it’s a Darling situation or a Dayle Garlett one


Some good post loss reading here:

Something I’ve been thinking about, assuming we miss Smith and Walsh, and Ben King drops to us… do we take him?


This is a question about the optimal draft position:

  • Adelaide are going to have a bounty of draft picks in the late first round…they would probably like to trade them to get up to the top of the order, get the SA talent.
  • Other clubs may be looking to move up the order to shift their picks above academy bids.
  • So there could be appetite for trading picks.

So…the question is…would you be interested in swapping our 9?+30? for a 16?+17?


Definitely depends on where the talent is going to drop off. Many drafts you’d say no, others (e.g. 2009) it would be a damn good move.

I think we need “stars” more than general quality, so just on general principles I’d be against it this year. I’m still a little annoyed we didn’t do the Brisbane Bears/GWS 2016 deal though, if it had been possible.