Tac/u18 Thread


Sounds ideal, along with Smith or Collier-Dawkins. If we could also land Bytel with our second pick we will have our “inside mid resting forward” stocks sorted.


I just want a big inside mid. Thats not too much to ask is it? :joy:


There was a moment after a goal vs Nth when the mid rotation included Myers and Stringer coming straight from the bench to the bounce. I dont associate football with anything remotely sensual, at all, but I have to admit I may have been a little “impressed” at the size of the midfield at the next bounce.


He is 185cm and light so he could still bulk up, just because they aren’t big inside mids now doesn’t mean they won’t be in a few years ala Fyfe/Bont.

I’m not saying he should be our number 1 priority but I wouldn’t be against it with a number of big inside mids potentially available with our second


“We think he has tremendous upside and is probably the most talented player in the draft. We think he can run through the midfield in time…”



He isn’t like Lav/Lang potential mid though he spent plenty of time in the midfield last year with one game getting 48 touches!


Is that Rozee your talking about? That’s impressive.

But I still want a couple of genuine clearance midfielders to allow Hepp and others to be second possession mids.


Why am I suddenly thinking of Vince McMahon?


Dunno. Why are you?


Yep Rozee, I know where your coming from mate haha


for mine, hepp has to be the clearance mid or floating hb sweeper.

he has a propensity to just spray some kicks that should go to teammates.


Fair call. He does go well at the role too.


Why on earth would you want Heppell disposing the ball more???


So, if we assumed for the moment that Callum Twomey was right with the order…

that means the 7th, 8th, 9th, 15th and 20th best players are already tied to clubs. 2x Collingwood, 1x Bulldogs, 1x North and 1x Sydney.

That sucks.


Also a fair call. I think I was living in 2011 when I wrote that.




Very good player. Unfortunately I probably won’t get to see him play again this year as Centrals don’t look like making finals.


What do you reckon re suitability for us?


His disposal and decision making concerns me at times but he has all the tools. Really depends what we are after. Might be biased but Valente from Norwood would be my pick, strong bodied clearance machine. He bullied the Vic Metro lads the other night.


hmmmm…possibly…but the Norwood fellas seem to have gone pretty well in recent years.
Lucky for us Fanta turned out to the best of the 2013 crop from Norwood.

Edit: To be honest, I’d be tempted to let you have one of our late picks. But I’d be crazy enough to let @benfti have one in the Rookie draft.