Tac/u18 Thread


I’m sorry, but the fact that Smith isn’t named on the bench and Podhajski is, is taking the mickey surely


Same thoughts regarding Foot and Wilson.


Liam Stocker wins the Morrish medal



My current top 10 for next year


Well then, keep an eye out for the AFL to drop the father/son requirement back to 50 games next year.


5 years too late for Norf. lol.


Daniel any relation to Ricky??


No i dont believe so


Preview done by yours truly


Who in the table has the North connection?


Anderson has a hawks connection, old man played 98 games for hawks


Thanks. I’d be bleeding if it was us.


And Saints connection too


Alwyn Davey. 100 games. Never forget.


More a reference to Josh Kelly and a few others who’ve missed by 20 or so games recently.


Duursma is an interesting one. Has his ability to pick and hit the right targets improved over the year? Because his contested work and spread seems pretty good.


My current top 30 which hasn’t changed much over the past month, I’ll be at all the TAC finals this weekend so looking for the next Stephenson/Taranto as a player that dominates the finals

  1. Sam Walsh - Geelong Faclons/VIC C

  2. Jack Lukosius - Woodville-West Torrens/SA

  3. Nick Blakey - UNSW/ALLIES

  4. Izak Rankine - West Adelaide/SA

  5. Ben King - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M

  6. Max King - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M

  7. Bailey Smith - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M

  8. Connor Rozee - North Adelaide/SA

  9. Tarryn Thomas - North Launceston/ALLIES

  10. Ian Hill - Perth Demons/WA

  11. Jye Caldwell - Bendigo Pioneers/VIC C

  12. Jackson Hately - Central District/SA

  13. Xavier O’Halloran - Western Jets/VIC M

  14. Bailey Williams - Dandenong Stingrays/VIC C

  15. Xavier Duursma - Gippsland Power/VIC C

  16. Rhylee West - Calder Cannons/VIC M

  17. Liam Stocker - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M

  18. Riley Collier-Dawkins - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M

  19. Luke Valente - Norwood/SA

  20. James Rowbottom - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M

  21. Jack Bytel - Calder Cannons/VIC M

  22. Tom Berry - GWV Rebels/VIC C J

  23. Isaac Quaynor - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M

  24. Zac Butters - Western Jets/VIC M

  25. Curtis Taylor - Calder Cannons/VIC M

  26. Sydney Stack - Perth/WA

  27. Bailey Scott - Broadbeach Cats/ALLIES

  28. Jez McLennan - Central Districts/SA

  29. Chayce Jones - Launceston/ALLIES

  30. Ed McHenry - Geelong Falcons/VIC C



I’d heard it said that Tarryn Thomas is likely to slide, due to both on field and off-field issues.