Tac/u18 Thread


So…you’re talking Nic-Nat level early skills?


These guys can football good


It’s crazy how even this draft is after the first 6/7, I don’t envy you in trying to come up with an order.

I’d be tempted to go for Stack at our 1st, he just has ‘it’


Irving Mosquito you say.

Does this mean Skeeta finally reached draft age?

Edit : tell me he is a small forward?


Small exciting small forward, part of the Hawks academy :frowning:


Why do you think either would be available?


I have no idea whether they will be available.

But i think it is possible.


Jye Notwell

Caldwell has done his hammy again playing for Bendigo, looked fantastic and in for a big game aswell


Has Nathan Freeman written all over him


Hately was eligible for SANFL reserves finals yesterday and was BOG easily apparently


Any talk over there where his draft range may be? Has lost some of that hype he had earlier in the year, despite his form holding over the year.


All I’m hearing points to the 12-18 range for the non SA clubs but one of the SA clubs will take him higher if the other 3 main SA lads are gone


Trade week is gonna be insane for SA footy people


That sounds about right


Talking about Matthew Lloyd. Where does he play?


Matty Lloyd is a back flanker, I think he goes undrafted


Surely they’d try him at full forward


Gwv rebels this year, he is going to boarding school down there as well. Think he also played a couple of games for Vic Country. I personally haven’t watched him play but certain watched his older brothers. He is a different player to them both.
Billy plays a lot like jake but has a good inside contested side to his game to add. At 18 billy had a more rounded game and won the wimmera league senior bnf playing over just a handful of games. He was unlucky not to get drafted. Hard for country kids to make it. They don’t get recognised as much down here.

But if u mean position matty he plays. key fwd for horsham last year, but has also played on ball. He is around 190cm. Taller then his brothers.



Well done to Bailey Smith getting in the team only playing 2 TAC games haha