Tac/u18 Thread


Rozee or Hately at our pick if both available?


Hately for me.
Hately is a genuine mid from what I’ve seen. Rozee is more of a flanker IMO


It would depend one what we thought was a greater need a for/Mid or a no frills inside mid.


Blonde Myers vs Tall Fantasia.
Gimme Rozee.


There is a tall Fantasia?

Seriously to hell with Shiel if we are in the draft mix for another Orazio


Oakleigh giving Western a bath as expected. Collier-Dawkins with his best half of TAC for the year, still genuine top 20 prospect


Rozee 24 disposals and 10 marks in a SANFL final

Oakleigh smashed Jets
Rowbottom 23 touches 10 tackles
Collier-Dawkins 20 touches and a goal
O’Halloran 17 touches, 8 tackles, 1 goal


Rozee is clearly going to be a special player.


Rozee was very good again today but I reckon Woodcock will be a bolter. Absolutely fantastic today and his last few weeks he has been exceptional.
Some real good SA talent on show today. I must say Lukosius didn’t do a lot but you can see the makings of a good player but not sure he is going to turn into this once in a generation type like many are proclaiming


It’s really interesting how hard it is to pick a top 10 comp player (the comments re Lukosius). The approach of using early second rounders on players with the most upside just shows how hard recruiters must find it.

And then you think about how injury plays such a huge role. Gumby is an obvious example. But I’m more thinking about how Fyfe is a jet, but could very easily have the whole second half of his career ruined. Hird almost didnt come back from the foot.

Anyway, is Woodcock a late selection ala Fanta?


Woodcock could well be inside top 20.
I actually think Rozee will go before Rankine now aswell. Western Bulldogs have shown a stack of interest in him


Players that only get a state combine invite almost never go top 20. Will Powell last year an exception rather than the rule.


Yeah I’m basing it more on the fact that I reckon one of the SA teams could grab him inside 20. Port or the Crows could have 3 picks in the top 20 potentially and if they do I can see Woodcock getting taken.


Also being 174cm you don’t see many players drafted that early who are that tall. You would think someone like Valente or McLennan would be the SA players taken earlier


From what I can make of Valente he has had more interest shown in him by a couple of interstate sides moreso than SA ones. I think he will end up at WC.
With all the SA talent I’m still unsure of which way both clubs will go and if their main targets are gone whether they choose the next best or the next best SA kid


How would you describe Woodcock?


Little bit like a rolling pin. …


Short and stout, lacks penetration


This was never going to end well


In Under age comp or sanfl reseve / seniors?