Tac/u18 Thread


Hard in the back 50.

…I’ll get me coat


SANFL seniors


If we end up keeping our first rounder, someone like Rozee or Hately look like great gets.


Wow. Hately gets bog in ressies… Rozee says hold my beer.


Bark is worse than his bite.



Good awareness and agility. Not particularly tough intercept marks - shocking kicks to forwards their


Is that Rozee’s normal position? Because that looked a lot like the highlights of a rebounding half back to me.


No he played as a forward most of the year, can play midfield but his run and skills are needed on the outside for thier senior team. I think he is used best in the Robbie Gray role but this game shows you could even move him back if needed


I think it’s fair to say that we’ll be a long way down the injury list next year before we have to move someone from somewhere else on the field to play down back.


It’s good to see him stretch his legs at HB, it also is a good way to showcase his kicking


My current top 50, a few players higher than they will be drafted but ive got a few players picked high on potential moreso than production

  1. Sam Walsh - Geeelong Falcons/VIC C
  2. Jack Lukosius - Woodville-West Torrens/SA
  3. Nick Blakey - Swans Academy/NSW
  4. Izak Rankine - West Adelaide/SA
  5. Ben King - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M
  6. Max King - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M
  7. Bailey Smith - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M
  8. Connor Rozee - North Adelaide/SA
  9. Tarryn Thomas - North Melbourne Academy/TAS
  10. Ian Hill - Perth/WA
  11. Jye Caldwell - Bendigo Pioneers/VIC C
  12. Jackson Hately - Central Districts/SA
  13. Xavier O’Halloran - Western Jets/VIC M
  14. Xavier Duursma - Gippsland Power/VIC C
  15. Liam Stocker - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M
  16. Rhylee West - Calder Cannons/VIC M
  17. Bailey Williams - Dandenong Stingrays/VIC C
  18. Riley Collier-Dawkins - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M
  19. Sam Sturt - Dandenong Stingrays/VIC C
  20. James Rowbottom - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M
  21. Luke Valente - Norwood/SA
  22. Isaac Quaynor - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M
  23. Tom Berry - GWV Rebels/VIC C
  24. Zac Butters - Western Jets/VIC M
  25. Bailey Scott - GC Academy/ALLIES
  26. Luke Foley - Subiaco/WA
  27. Jack Bytel - Calder Cannons/VIC M
  28. Curtis Taylor - Calder Cannons/VIC M
  29. Toby Bedford - Dandenong Stingrays/VIC C
  30. Ely Smith - Murray Bushrangers/VIC C
  31. Jez McLennan - Central Districts/SA
  32. Sydney Stack - Perth/WA
  33. Chayce Jones - Launceston/ALLIES
  34. Ed McHenry - Geeelong Falcons/VIC C
  35. Jordan Clark - Claremont/WA
  36. Will Kelly - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M
  37. Connor McFadyen - Lions Academy/ALLIES
  38. Josh Kemp - Calder Cannons/VIC M
  39. Jarrod Cameron - Swan Districts/WA
  40. Jacob Koschitzke - Murray Bushrangers/VIC C
  41. Harrison Reynolds - Sandringham Dragons/VIC M
  42. Tom Sparrow - South Adelaide/SA
  43. James Jordan - Oakleigh Chargers/VIC M
  44. Kieren Briggs - Giants Academy/ALLIES
  45. Fraser Turner - Clarence/ALLIES
  46. Tom McKenzie - Northern Knights/VIC M
  47. Jacob Kennerley - Norwood/SA
  48. Buku Khamis - Western Jets/VIC M
  49. Irving Mosquito - Gippsland Power/VIC C
  50. Hayden Sampson - South Adelaide/SA


If we keep our 1st I reckon we’ll be going for one of Rozee, Hill and Hately - I’d personally have it in that order, unless one of the big 6 slide. I’d say Rozee is the most likely top 5 bolter and Rankine the most likely to fall (depending on SA clubs draft position) but talls have been known to slip from being top 5 certainties before.

I’m assuming Sturt, Kemp, Jordan and Harrison are your aforementioned favourites?


I would go that order aswel and hoping for Rozee. All 4 of those players have been late comers to the TAC coming from school football. I’m a huge wrap for Kemp, Sturt just received a national combine invite and looks a likely top 20 pick now. Reynolds and Jordan impressed me a few weeks ago and they again impressed yesterday, all 4 players have huge upside coming from school football and not being apart of the TAC system.


Any Jacket sightings?

His absence is the biggest clue as to who we are looking at (Draft and Trade), especially with Merv stepping down.


He was at the VFL on Saturday, I didn’t see him on Sunday but it’s hard to see the spectators when your in the media box :stuck_out_tongue:


Corey Ellis it is then.


Cheers mate. I can’t find any highlights of Jye Caldwell around but he seems to be rated highly by quite a few judges.

Could you tell us a little more about him and why you’d have him just ahead of Hately, Stocker, etc?


Genuine class act with ball in hand with a good mix of outside and inside ball winning. He has a good turn of speed and is a willing tackler and can be a regular goalkicker. If not for injury he is top 10 easy


With repeat hamstring injuries , wouldn’t he be a big risk as an early pick ?