Why can’t we tackle?

Caldwell and McGrath lead us on 17 each this year, compared to the league leader in Dunkley on 42.

As a team, we sit 18th with 247 - Port lead with 386. Average of 41, Port 64.

Does it come down to fitness or effort? Need to get a rugby player into some training sessions.


I actually don’t think it’s effort or fitness (though we could improve in both those areas).

I think it’s system. I suspect our coaches have ordered our players to guard space rather than attack the ball carrier. Presumably they think this will create pressure and lead to turnovers but it clearly isnt working


What exactly are the rules on dangerous tackles? There was an opportunity for one of our boys to really hurt Pendlebury when he was left in a vulnerable spot. Perfect chance to lay a painful, but perfectly fair tackle was squandered.

Remember that tackle Walla layed on Danger? I wanted to see that. Nothing against Pendles but if the chance is there, really fkn crunch them. Incidentally fractured ribs heal.

Edit: reading in other threads that it might have been Durham that hit him harder than I’d first thought. Could have misremembered :raising_hand_man:

Not sure but I thought it was any slinging/lifting motion or acceleration into the ground

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Geez, there are going to be a lot of new threads if we make one for every area in which we are poor.


gonna start one on people with misleading avatars


It’s a combination of poor tackling techniques, players not big enough in the upper body to have their tackles stick, and a lack of a defensive attitude to actually chase and tackle

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not sure what any of that has to do with someone being called fairy bread and their pictures a cupcake

We can’t tackle because we aren’t setup to tackle.

If you look closely you’ll see that the the cupcake is covered with hundreds and thousands which is the main ingredient to make fairybread (otherwise it’s just bread)

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The number of “high” tackles we make and give away a free kick, is astounding.

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Yep, some of it is poor tackling and part of it is down to the opposition dropping at the knees. So many opposition players do it, yet hardly anyone at our club does it.

We should legitimately start training to do it

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Yeah, it’s like we didn’t get the memo that ducking/dropping the knees is a thing these days - we are surprised each time it happens.

Being aware of this would do two things:

  1. Might help us change our tackling technique to tackle lower and not give away high frees.
  2. We could do it too and get some high frees.

those are sprinkles

only true OGs know the difference

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Plus only red. House of cards built on lies.

Worst tackling team in the league not one tackle sticks easily broken

I think this is spot on.

The players are more concerned about holding their position, then attacking the player with the ball…… as they don’t want to create holes in the zone.

I’ve said in another thread when discussing whether footy players can play soccer…… and one of the key issues with footballers is that they are so committed to chasing the ball everywhere, that when they are expected to play to a structure it is incredibly foreign to them, that they don’t want to move.

There is a balance to holding your zone, and knowing when to apply manic pressure.