Taking a break from supporting essendon due to mental health?

has anyone here experienced this ? ive been going through depression. i miss my ex and im very lonely was like this before covid. i usually rely on essendon and AFL to provide an outlet to me but when i watch essendon it cause more depression
should i take a break?



Yes definitely mate. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. It’s such a challenging time right now in actual real life let alone for the EFC.

Other than seeking professional help which we can all do with at times, I’d encourage you to get outside as much as possible. Go for plenty of walks, get plenty of sun and find a hobby that can give you some enjoyment or sense of purpose.

Dial back into the Bombers when you feel ready for it again.


Have a read and /or post in here mate. Lot’s of great advice and willing listeners.


Yep stopped watching live a few wks ago, i just tape and watch on replay now and sometimes i even skip the replay which i’ve never done before.

I feel it wasn’t good for my health getting so ■■■■■■ off every weekend watching the tripe the club was serving up.


I second the link to the mental health thread.

But yeah, I’m a bit in the same boat. I’ve really zoned out of footy this year, concentrating on other hobbies and interests instead. I don’t even watch replays of losses most of the time these days.

Trade time is the worst for me, mental health wise. I HATE trade time. Not looking forward to it this year.


Sometimes, … Ignorance really is Bliss.


Yes definitely, it’s only a game.


Sorry to hear mate. This is truly a tough time even if the Bombers had been flying. Take time for yourself and try to find the simple things that give you joy, not steal it from you. Easier said than done but sometimes its as simple as a little picnic outdoors (with your phone left inside!). Stay well!


I’ve been on the internet too long to believe this is true. I’ve met too many upset and angry ignorant people…


Agree 100% about trade time being the worst.

I’ve stopped watching matches, too. Have found it gives me some distance between the club and my emotions. I rarely watch AFL on TV now. Which has also helped.

To TourIsOver - it’s important to develop alternatives to focus your energies upon. Good luck with it.

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I hear you on this. It definitely has at times got me a bit anxious in the past at the very least. I remember being on holiday in Byron Bay during trade week years ago and hitting refresh over and over to see whether we kept Laverde or the Saints got him :sweat_smile:

But I have 100% got to a point where I genuinely do not care who comes and goes this off season. The club will remain regardless and plotting our return to relevance again is going to take time anyway.

In recent years I’ve held out real hope that if we retain the right players and bring in the right players that we could be close to being a really strong and relevant finals player. I think because I’ve finally accepted that we’re so far off this and in need of a rebuild that I am completely at peace with the comings and goings of players at this point in time of our trajectory.


Watching ■■■■ Carlton loses might be an antidote!


I suffer from depression too, and sometime when essendon becomes too frustrating to watch - I take a much needed break from the team. Whether that means not watching games or only watching bits and pieces. I did it for the Adelaide game, GWS game and the GC games- and I felt so much better.

There is NO shame in it, and anyone who says there is can blow me. You need to do what is best for your health- in the end that is the only thing that matters

If you are watching something that is having a negative impact on your life on mental wellbeing, do what you can to seperate yourself from it.


There is shame in that.

So, uhm, when and when do you want to meet?


I still care a lot about Essendon, that will never leave me, but a few years ago I had to check out emotionally, for the most part. I was watching games and exploding about everything. My family told enough was enough, they were sick of the anger and rage at times.

So I stopped watching Essendon live (I watched replays) for a long period. I still watched all other games live though.

This year I have gone back to watching live due to being stuck at home, but I try and play a game on my PC while it is on so I am not completely focussed and intense about it. It makes it easier. It probably helps that I gave up on us after Carlton lol.


This whole covid thing, has been great in a way too put things in perspective. I have never been so relaxed during winter than when no games were playing. Was a real big eye opener for me.

I still use blitz to blow off steam about essendon( I find it therapeutic), but it’s got to the point where I couldn’t care less what players we lose in the off season or if some ask for a trade etc.


It actually helps to do something else while watching games. I have the tv muted and listen to podcasts or something else. Today’s commentary just annoys me. And play on my iPad or switch when I’m watching games


I have two monitors, so I have Kayo on the second one while I play a PC game on the other. Then I will comment on Blitz if I feel the need.

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I can only relay my own experience. I find watching sport a great escape. From juniors through to professionals.

Its the end of the AFL season, Id recommend finding something local that you can watch and enjoy the grass roots.

As for missing your ex partner and depression.

First go get some therapy. A GP will write you up a mental health plan for subsidised or free visits to a psychologist. (and if medication is required a psych). You may have already done this.

Second get walking is my own practical advice.

One of my mates suffers from dehabilitating mental health problems, and a walk is literally always the first step in his recovery. I think it works for everyone personally.

Lastly when you have some oxygen in your lungs look for some opportunities to be social. Its hard during covid but where there is a will there is a way.

Oh and good luck. Remember this in your darkest moments. It ALWAYS gets brighter and better, sometimes it just takes a little time to find the key to the door.