Target fixation and the Essington cycle

How to we get out of the cycle?

Buy a car?


Gut and rebuild from scratch.

I personally think think that with the big support base clubs there is a phenomenon which if harnessed can be an unstoppable asset but when it turns negative it has the opposite effect.

A fear of failure. A feeling of dread you feel in the gut. An emptying of nervous energy leaving nothing in the tank.

It normally follows from a patch of form.

Perhaps its hubris followed by a falling away for a period. A regression on an organisational scale.

Then what culturally tends to be our instinct as a group of Essendon people?

We look for someone to take that burden. Someone to focus the feeling on.

Often a player whose mental state we effect negatively as a result of our cycle of behaviour.

Our messiah culture.

All or nothing. Saviour or failure.

Time to start thinking outside of the box. Perhaps see what the sports science community are capable of. Not just more energy drinks. I’m talking cutting edge sports supplements from skilled operators that are willing to push the boundaries. Let’s take whatever every other club is thinking about and do it to the extreme. Whatever it takes.


I garuntee the players will come out angry and thump Collingwood next week. And the club will pretend that the last 2 weeks didn’t exist. Then drop the following game, a week later.

We don’t deserve to play finals after yesterday. In someways I hope we don’t, just so we can start addressing the lack of attitude of the players. And start cutting this vulnerability at the head.


We have been over this B4.


I think part of the problem is we have had five years of apologising. Apologising in the very best hair shirt model. Mea culpas all over the place.
Not sure I can possibly remember how often the club said we did wrong, we were wrong, we did bad things, we apologise and apologise and apologise.
Where you have a culture of apology it is very hard to convince anyone let alone yourselves that you are the best.
We have abased ourselves over and over, we have lay down and said we were wrong, we are bad we are the worst club of all time.
What do you really expect the players to feel like now?
It has been ingrained into them time and time again.

And the club did it.


Really? I mean, really??

Didn’t we say that this week?

The lack of response after the Swans game was damning, an absolute indictment of our (currently) medicore football club. THAT’S what really hurts…



Backs against the wall.
Typical Essendon mantra. They’ll cop it from all angles this week, they’ll pump themselves up For the Collingwood game.

Then fall into a false sence of sercurity again, for St. Kilda. They’ll walk all over us just like Brisbane.

Book mark it. It’s been the same thing for 15 years.


Collingwood will hammer us. Buckley is under extreme pressure, and his players seem to play for him.

We just have a bunch of individuals playing a knights style game plan


Yeah they’re really playing for him. Where are they? 15th?

I was late to the game because of junior footy and listened to the first 45 minutes on the radio as I came in with the kids.

I pulled up near docklands with about 10 minutes left in the half and sat in the car for a bit.

Then I decided not to go. I told the kids we would go and visit family instead and then let them play outside while I watched the second half on my phone.


■■■■■■■ glad I didn’t go. I’m so sick this team letting us down and having to tell my son that it’s going to get better soon.

We always lose to the shittest sides.


So in 2012 when we were 8-1 and lost to a winless Melbourne? Or 2011 when we were 5-2 and then dropped four games in a row against teams outside the 8?

It’s not a saga phenomenon.


they might not be good enough but they are clearly giving there all everytime they step out on the field. I can’t say the same about our players

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May not all be occurring for the same reasons.
One might be because of coach, another because of saga, another because of psychology or line coach or whatever.
You might want to go back to between 1985 and 1993 or 1993 and 2000.

Is it because its a hangover of the lets not spend money of the board 10-20 years ago.

Whatever was the problem them might have been alleviated somewhat then along came something else.

Probably not one reason over decades.


Does the club employ a shrink?

I’d hope the club would be looking at a sports shrink as we speak

Is there one for coterie/ silver members, most of the ones on here are nutters.