Tasmania - ANNOUNCED

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Probably means the Tassie government stop sponsorship of Hawthorn. That’s going to create a huge whole in their coffers


Genuine Lol

God he’s such an unlikeable ■■■■




When Tassie comes into the VFL, split the league into three conferences I reckon.

Conference 1 - Standalones - Tassie, Southport, Werribee, Williamstown, Northern Bullants, Port Melbourne, Coburg and Frankston.
Conference 2 - Northern - Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, GWS, Fark Carlton, Collingscum and Essendon
Conference 3 - Southern - Norf, Casey Demons, Box Hill, Sandy, Geelong, Richmond Ferals, Bulldogs.

All conferences have their top two qualify for finals. 3rd and 4th from Standalones play 3rd from both Northern and Southern in the wildcard round. Winners join the other six. Then traditional final eight - teams seeded based on an overall ladder.

Don’t mind it but the only thing that sucks about that is that the teams in the Northern conference have to travel interstate every other week whereas there’s no travel at all for the AFL listed players in the Southern conference.

Ok, possibly a little precious but I reckon it concedes a bit of a disadvantage to the other clubs as it can have a little bit of a cumulative effect.

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They want to keep playing home games there, which they shouldn’t .

True, the other way is to split GWS and Swans into different conferences, ditto Lions and Suns to create balance.

That way, each conference will have two non-vic teams, balancing the travel requirements.

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The Polo Ponce sounded to me about as excited as I am when Mrs B tells me we’re having dinner with (some of) her side of the family. Smile, say nice things, and get out of there as soon as possible.

It’s a bit awkward for the AwFuL. Gold Coast and the Giants are a different kettle of fish. If they fail, sure it wouldn’t be a great result for the AwFuL but people wouldn’t be surprised. “Oh, non-football states… shouldn’t have gone there in the first place”. They just can’t afford to fark up a true football state - the world will be all over them like white on rice if they do. Even still, if it prospers from the get-go and GCS continue to drag the chain, the football world will be letting them know they should’ve gone there 15 years ago.

He and the AwFuL have held off on this one as long as they could before begrudgingly conceding - though there’s more conditions and fine print than your average home loan.

This one has to be done right and carefully, and old mate knows it. I reckon he’s secretly glad it’ll be someone else’s project to get up.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Tassie expend the budget for the project before the roof goes on.

The club song and membership phone number can both be the jingle.

One three hundred thirty six, seven OH seven OH.


Don’t be surprised if it’s summit stupid like that.

Has anybody suggested “The Derwent Pencils” yet?

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2028 eh can Essendon break the record haha

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Someone should also write a club song to the Carpet Call jingle.

Suns, Suns, Gold Coast Suns
(The experts of the game).

Maybe not.

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This is going to be a ■■■■■■■■■■■ that makes Gold Coast look like a sound strategy implemented competently.


How many 100 point thrashings in thier first season

So the draft concessions are 4 years away? Seems crazy but maybe we could have our act together by then and the teams that will hopefully be rebuilding (Collingwood) are the ones that feel the pinch the most?

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