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The state leagues are basically dead anyway.

I wonder if the AFL should fund a TAC Cup/Nab League type set up for SA & WA.

What a crock.
SANFL is going fine.
There is zero chance the SANFL give up junior programs.
Our zones and junior pathways is a good setup


Perhaps they could sit down with a nice cup of covfefe and discuss the idea.


I thought there was resistance from both WA teams, and maybe the Port one?

Ideally it’s the way it should be. 18 team VFL comp, that are steamlined (within reason) to the AFL teams. Where possible AFLR (yes I made it up and called it AFLreseves) plays same day as the seniors, and when possible as a curtain raiser to the seniors.

You increase the salary cap and fill in the other spots with VFL style fill ins, but perhaps you have zone allowance like the old days. Perhaps player zones like the old days, ie. VFL fill ins that are in the Essendon zone don’t count to the salary cap or get a discount.

It should be a proper AFL reserves.

With curtain raisers before senior matches.

I personally would start the VFA again with:

Port Melbourne
Box Hill

We still need a state league in Vic.

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Port are the most pro AFL reserves club out there. They are quitting the SANFL and want in to the VFL next year and Crows won’t be far behind. West Coast want to aswell. It’s only Freo who is reluctant to move.
The AFL want to kick the van down the road as they will have to fund it and will need to find money for travel, increased list sizes, injuries etc.
At the moment the AFL likes that state leagues are covering that.
The AFL’s priorities are growing the women’s game and getting Tassie up and running so a a Reserves comp is way down their list

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I have it on good authority that the MCG has said no to curtain raisers before every game

Private capital firm Plenary Group confirms interest in funding Hobart’s Macquarie Point AFL stadium - ABC News


Stick the curtain raiser on punt rd or the klans ground.

This is the ANA Building in Bacchus Marsh built around 1880.

It is not heritage listed, but at the back of it is an old tin shed which is heritage listed as it was part of an American Army Camp in Darley from WW2 and it was moved to its current site in the late 1940s.

Heritage Victoria are a very strange authority.

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Brendan Gale officially announced as club CEO


Very good get


LOL, that was a quick turnaround!

(To the surprise of nobody.)

I rarely talk about it but I went out with his sister for a while.

Boy was he jelly beans.


new podcast

Alister Nicholson is a name synonymous with Tasmanian sport and storytelling. Alister is the perfect host of Tasmania Football Club’s inaugural podcast, The Heart of it.

The Heart of it delves deep into the stories behind the legends of Tasmanian football. In this podcast, we explore the rich tapestry of Tasmania’s football history, celebrating the players who have left an indelible mark on the game.

What makes him the great leader he is.