Tasmania - ANNOUNCED

We might need to expand from 23,000 seats. Can it be done?

According to the architects, the stadium will be designed so that expansion to up to 30,000 seats is possible.

“The roof stays in its exact same location, the gap between the top row of the seats and the roof, which is enclosed, allows us to bring another annulus of seating around the upper tier,” Mr Richardson said.


Welcome their 1st player: Colby McKercher…

The North melts would be glorious

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I think there is a cream for that

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Oh, well there is that :slight_smile:

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Is it just me or is a theoretical maximum of 30k extremely short sighted?

These things need to be designed for 100 years.

Yeah the soccer will be getting 100k in Hobart by then. Or the water polo if we keep on our climate path

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Agree I’d like a bit more scope for increases, coz will need to fully demolish the stadium at some point due to the roof, even if that’s in 50 years.

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30 years actually, that’s the approximate lifespan of modern stadium infrastructure.


i reckon the colosseum in rome is dragging that average up a bit


That’s quite the liberal use of the word “Modern” you’ve got yourself there…

i go by geological standards


This is sort of an anti-immigration rant and anti-climate change rant in one.

Hmmm, saucy by name and by imagination. No, the take up of the round ball game is healthy today, can only imagine it’ll find bigger audiences as we evolve past brutal spectacle. Can also imagine we will devolve further into a species that likes a kind of UFC AFL hybrid incorporating chainsaws. Or was that a movie?

Can you explain more?

Show me facts from 2020

If only ETFE was used for the roof at docklands, it might be a venue worth keeping

Not much to explain, modern stadia are built and rebuilt every ~30 years or so. They don’t build stuff to last 100 years.
I agree that ~30k seems a touch unders, but not that much, and the notion that it should be planned around 100 years from now isn’t reality.

How good is Tassie looking?!