Tassie trip July - advice on places to stay

Hi Blitz team,

I’m planning on taking the missus to Tassie early July for a week or two and was look for some advice on places to stay.

Thinking cute lodgings with fireplace, access to hiking and natural surrounds and good coffee and a restraunt or three a bonus. Happy to switch it up and stay at 2 or 3 diff places.

Will probably have a hire car for the duration.


Go in any time other than July is my first one… :wink:


My place.

Hot stuff

Cradle mountain.

Ticks every box.

Seriously come down here.

Its fricken awesome.

Just not in the dead of Winter, … right??

Seriously, what would it be like atop cradle Mountain in Mid Winter?

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Yeah, Cradle Mountain is awesome, I was there a few weeks back. There’s a bunch of places offering accomodation (I stayed at the caravan park/hostel type place but it doesn’t really sound like what you’d be looking for). Make sure you stay somewhere close to a stop on the shuttle bus route through - near the ranger station or the park information centre. The whole area is surrounded by bush and all sorts of critters will wander through the grounds all the time.

Pack warm and waterproof stuff, it WILL be freezing and wet especially in July (it was 8 degrees and hailing sideways when I was there in January…). And take the hiking safety advice seriously, the weather changes fast and it’s be very easy to get in trouble.

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You just don’t go to the top of the mountain in winter. Hell, you don’t go up there in summer if the weather is even a bit dodgy. Stick to the walks around the lakes and up the valley.


Depends where in tassie you are going/starting, and what type of holiday you like. Cradle mountain is great if you like hiking/naturey holidays. Me I prefer the Hobart restaurants and MONA type thing. Plenty of options in tassie. Beautiful place.

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Stay at Reboots Bordello

Yeah Dark MO.FO is about the only reason I’d head down at that time of year myself, … it’s of course in June though …

Dark Mo.fo returns for 12 nights of darkness in 2020, from 10–22 June.

Except he’s been in Vic for about a year or more now.

This place is exactly* what you’re looking for. (Haven’t been there for 15 years tho.)


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If you can manage to swing by Burnie for a weekend I hear good things. :wink:

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Coles bay is good value. We spent three nights down there after after Xmas;


I took that incidentally - which is a fair effort as I’m not a camera guru or a morning person.

After Xmas being key there, …

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Do you want me to color it in white

Hahaha! Went through Queesntown once a few years ago and there was a house with a yard full of gnomes as I entered - that pretty much summed up the place. I pulled up, saw a few locals, looked at the main street got back in the car and got the ■■■■ outta there

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Probably a bit of both Boot. If anyone knows of some cute hideaways that arent crazy expensive that would be awesome.