Team Changes vs Dogs Rnd 22- Sun 21 Aug 4:40 Etihad

Early thoughts?

Goddard sounds 50/50
Hams among the best as per usual so he’d be a chance to come in
Then the three young guns Parish, Francis and Langford who were given the week off might come in to calculation.

Not sure who’d make way after actually saluting with a win. Polk?

OUT: Hurley, Crameri
IN: Cooney, Dempsey

IN: Langford Parish
OUT: Grimley Polkinghorne

Hurley is gonna run out before the coin toss, body slam and leg drop Zac, rip off his shirt to reveal a WBD jumper and flex his biceps to the essendon cheer squad.

For a whole lot of reasons I would rather win this than the Carlton game, that’s how bad I want it.

We’re not gunna win

Freak changes, these guys all stay in.

In: Jamar
Out: Grimley

Doubt they’d want to change the line up too much.

Looks as though Smack was BOG for 2’s against a very good VFL team with 21 possessions, 11 marks & 4 goals playing predominantly as a fwd. Grimley did FARK all, 5 possessions for us, so logical swap there.

Parish would be the other definite in after being rested. One of the top ups to make way Polk or Simpkin I would guess. Unlucky but their job was always going to be this type of thing.

Francis (if fit), Langford & Goddard back for Blues game.

OUT: Grimley, Polk
IN: Smack, Parish

Really hope we win and stick it up Hurley.

But what is the inclusion of Smack going to do? He’s been great once again in the magoos but he never brings it to the seniors.

McKernan in for Grimley is the most obvious call. Tough to drop anyone else after that win when no one really stood out as having played a poor game.

I thought they would’ve given Tippa another rest by now but not sure if there’s much point with only two games to go. I can’t see us rushing Goddard back this week, so I’d really only expect the 1-2 changes.

My guess would be:

Out: Grimley, Polkinghorne
In: McKernan, Parish

B: Dea Hartley Ambrose
HB: Kelly Brown Gleeson
C: Cooney Bird Parish
HF: Stokes McKernan Tippa
F: Fantasia Daniher Laverde
R: Luenberger Zaharakis Zerrett

I/C: McKenna, Jerrett, Simpkin & Long

If tippa needs a rest (may or may not) i’m fine with that… prime him for fark carlton.

OUT: polk, tippa?, grimley
IN: Parish, Hams, Jamar

Francis? Save him for FC i say.
Langford? Perhaps
Hams? Did well in VFL

Tough selections this week. We had a good win, who to drop? Which kids to bring in??

I know a win is very un likely but are we a chance to cause an upset? You think the boys will be feeling pretty confident after today’s win.

Having no Libba and Wallis will give us a massive chance to break even with their mid field.

Maybe it’s the Thymosin talking, but I think we’re a sneaky chance against them if we play our best.

Maybe it's the Thymosin talking, but I think we're a sneaky chance against them if we play our best.

All their scoring chains start from half back just need to press up hard and force them to kick down the line also they are not very good at scoring from stoppages.

Haven’t you blokes seen a bulldogs game this year? 10+ goals.

IN: Langford Parish OUT: Grimley Polkinghorne


Or maybe Jamar in for Grimley if we want another tall.

IN: Langford Parish OUT: Grimley Polkinghorne

I think us supporters - and the football world in general - have been pretty good about this whole Polkinghorne thing… but enough already.

Haven't you blokes seen a bulldogs game this year? 10+ goals.

If we stop their run and gun game they won’t win by 10+. They remind me of how we used to play under Knights.