Team of the decade 2010-2019

Don’t forget the amazing top up players!

I will give it a crack:

FB: Saad Fletcher Hooker
HB: Hibberd Hurley Bags
C: Stanton Jobe Zaka
HF: Tippa Joe Winders
FF: Raz Stringer Kommer (come at me)
Foll: Hille,Goddard, Heppell

Bench:,Shiel,Zerrett,Smith, Hocking

Two posts so far and no @ivan. Someone send a search party

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Statistically Jobe Watson and David Zaharakis have been our best players for the decade.

I will.

HAS to be Walla.

Edit: Either you edited, . or I derped & missed you had him at HFF.

FB: Saad Fletcher Hooker
HB: Hibberd Hurley mckenna
C: Stanton Jobe bj
HF: Tippa Joe gus
FF: Raz Stringer crameri
Foll: ryder, Heppell, zerret

Bench:,Shiel,Zaha,Smith, Hocking

Having Smith and Shiel in for one year of footy feels a bit cheaty. Gleeson, demps and Carlisle probably deserve a look in. And I’ve got a soft spot for melk

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I like the Crameri call.

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FF is the hardest call

Would think Baguely did better than Hibberd over the last 10 years

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He and gus were both leading goal kickers at one time or another.

This exercise really highlights the lack of top shelf talent over the last decade frankly


Nah, bags was a noble soldier, hibb was a far superior football both defensively and offensively


Fair call



Seriously. Farking bin the decade.


It’s sad that you look at that list and only one of the players are legit, bona fide consistent A grade superstars in Watson.

The rest. Eh.

Good team on paper and Kelly, Chappy and Cooney played better footy than everyone bar Watson and Goddard this decade even if it was for other teams.

B: Saad Hooker Fletcher
HB: Goddard Hurley Kelly
C: Stants Jobe Merret
HF: Chappy Joe Cooney
F: Raz Stringer Tippa
R Ryder Smith Sheil

Bench: Heppel, McKenna, Zaka ,Winders

Yeah I’ll take Kelly

It’s times like these you remember Chappy played for us. It’s a truely wtf thought.

Best 22 players who played at least 100 games for Essendon 2010-2019. I though playing not even half the games in that period wasn’t that harsh a criteria but…
B: Baguley Hooker Dempsey
HB: Goddard Hurley nobody
C: Stanton Watson Merrett
HF: Melksham Daniher Zaharakis
F: nobody nobody nobody
R: Bellchambers Heppell Hocking
Bench: Myers Howlett nobody nobody

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Chappy over his career is obviously better than near all of our guys but I think you can only pick him or not on the strength of the footy her played for us.