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I need to increase the volume on an MP4 (it lost volume when converting a PowerPoint). I’ve tried it in VLC, Windows Video Editor and Vidmore bit can’t get it to work

Any suggestions?

I’ve got two answers…

Turn your computer off and on again
Get a Mac

Hope this works


Go back to square one and convert it again betterer.

There are ways of amplifying what you now have but that will also amplify the base noise level; you will end up with a louder file of low quality and lots of noise. Start again.

Download audacity. It’s free and you can change many things to do with audio files.

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download audacity

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Is audacity just audio? This is a video created from a PowerPoint presentation.

Seemingly a drop in volume is a well known issue when converting PowerPoint to video but the only solution I can find online is to record the audio seperately. This won’t work because I want to make it idiot proof to update and be able to re-record individual slides as needed because people keep nit picking tiny things for me to change. The audio is just me talking for an online training presentation people will barely pay attention to at best so quality’s not a massive issue :smiley:

oh ok

download lightworks

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