Thank You

Wonderful to hear you are recovering well :slight_smile:

Go Locutus!!

Go Bombers!!


For those of you who don't know, I had an emergency quintuple bypass a month or so ago, which went ok until I had 3 small strokes, which landed me right back in hospital. But I'm out again now and on the long road to recovery!

I broke my little finger, then at the 5 week mark my son (celebrating an EFC goal on the weekend) jumped on it and rebroke it. So almost comparable to you.


I had a blister on my heel once. I feel your pain. Seriously though, hope you make a full recovery Locutus and keep supporting those bombers. We need all hands on deck! 

holy hell ■■■■ got real for you! 


glad you're on the mend. go dons. 

All the best in your fight Locutus.

I hear there's a bloke around whose good with a good knowledge of supplements if you need a bit of an extra hand in recovery.....may just need to check what he gives you though