Thanks for listening. Doncast won't return in 2024

With much regret I am sad to say that Doncast wont be returning in 2024.

Unfortunately Nick has an incredibly busy year and won’t be able to invest the time into the process of editing our show…

We have loved the support of our listeners and can’t thank you enough for your encouragement over the past 4 years.

Thank you to our guests Paul Cousins, Rob Shaw and others it was always a thrill to speak to you.

There are so many great podcasts Nick and I will continue to listen to like the Lunch time catch up and the Sash as well as the Windyhill windsock and Don The Stat.
I know there are others so sorry if I missed them.

Always happy to chat all things Bombers and it looks like its going to be an exciting year
Hard to say goodbye .

Go Bombers.


Thanks for all the great pods over the years. I’ve enjoyed them all and looked forward to their release each week.
Good luck to you both in your endeavors.
Go Bombers.

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Thanks Chef. Always valued your support.
Hopefully the Bombers give us reasons to smile in 2024.

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Thanks both you guys enjoyed the podcast very thorough with a relaxed vibe. Give Nick the arse and keep having a chat yourself same format i will have a listen. Either way good luck in your pursuits for both yourself and busy Nick. Thanks fellas.

Thats sad news… i really enjoyed listening to your pod. I loved the format and the way you and Nick interacted. Thanks for all the time and effort you both put in to analysing the game and each players performance… super effort. You will be missed.

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