The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


People talking about the extra costs to look after the indigenous guys… do these costs come out of the football department spend?


There was a real concern from some at Port but they seem to have rectified their issues which can only be good. They have an excellent academy setup and have always had a good indigenous representation at SANFL level although they have lost their zones now and their SANFL reserves side is soon to be booted from the comp which will mean some will have to look elsewhere


Sometimes, and sometimes the coateries assist, which is one of the coateries functions I truely applaud


Tell you what, then recruiting Joel was a terrific addition from a leadership perspective, that kid has a career in public service one his footballing career is done. Top notch kid and will lead their contingent for years to come.


Plus they added 3 more this year.


Who is giving that reason? It seems to be only brought up by people who are complaining about this. The rest of us assume that the club rates otherplayers higher at our picks.

I’m not sure if your ignorant or lying to make a point, but you should check out the next gen thread. We have 3 or more next gen kids we are developing who are draft eligible in 2019. More who are draftable later.


We haven’t used any category B zone picks on Tiwi players. What’s not true about that?


Because we are using the system to develop players. They’re just not draft eligible yet. The rules for 2016 and 2017 were interim rules, and I don’t believe we could draft players from there yet. During the interim rules the players had to hit a whole heap of characteristics.


They had to meet the NGA zone/heritage eligibility rules and not get drafted in the national or rookie drafts.


No, Richmond nominated kayle Kirby as a cat B under the new rules last year, the pies just picked him in the regular draft to thwart them.


So do the rules for NGA players change from next year? If so, is it a bidding system like northern club’s academy players


I believe so, but could be wrong


That was they said would be more or less the case, but have never confirmed. I think they’re holding off until they can tell whether or not it’s going to just wreck the first round of the draft having 18 teams with academies. If that looks like happening I’m sure they’ll whip out those ■■■■■■■ ridiculous “no more than 10 games at TAC Cup or equivalent level” rule ideas that were floating around.


Thanks for the choice of being ignorant or a liar.

I’ll go for option 3 of indicating that I was referring to actually not recruiting Aboriginal category B rookies from our zones so far. Yes there have been crap rules restricting who we can recruit, but not preventing it all together.

I haven’t been in the Next Gen thread for a while, and will look at it with interest.


So if we pour money into our zone area and start producing talent we may not even get them into the list?

I was under the impression also that it was just like the northern sides academy setups.

What’s the point of us spending money developing our region if we don’t get first crack.


I think our recruitment staff were pretty clear. They needed Tall kpps.

You have to be such an.incredible footballer and athlete no matter what your background just to make it onto an Afl list I reckon.

I don’t think we would be leaving any rock.unturned to find/develop the next indigenous star for our club. Just because we didn’t draft one doesn’t mean it won’t happen.


Hoping we get a cat B rookie from our tiwi zone today.


Have we got any that are eligible this year?



Ethan Penrith (2017 draft eligible), Reservoir (club), Indigenous (background)
Artan Cabdi (2017), Heidelberg Heights, Multicultural
Nick Riebelt (2018), Eltham, Multicultural
Sunny Brazier (2018), North Fitzroy, Multicultural
Mitchell Wild (2018), South Morang, Indigenous
Michael Bozikis (2019), Fairfield, Multicultural
Paul Sidhu (2019), Mernda, Multicultural
Tochukwu Oparaocha (2019), Wollert, Multicultural
Cameron Wild (2019), South Morang, Indigenous

Daniel Hanna (2017), East Keilor, Multicultural (Nephew of Mil Hannah Carlton)
Lucas Cooper (2018), Maningrida, Indigenous

Jason Carter (2018), Wyndham, Indigenous
Liam Henry (2019), Derby, Indigenous

Titak Nyak (2017), Corio, Multicultural

Tony Olango (2016/17), Marrara, Multicultural
Changkuoth Jiath (2017), Morewell, Multicultural
Bol Jok (2017), Pakenham, Multicultural
Tyrone Hayes (2017), Lakes Entrance, Indigenous
Stephen Kapahnke (2018), Macclesfield, Multicultural
Irving Mosquito (2018), Briagolong, Indigenous
Marcus Toussaint (2019), Inverloch, Multicultural
Todd Garner (2019), Gruyere, Indigenous
Tot Jok (2019), Pakenham, Multicultural
Charles Power (2019), Heathmont, Multicultural
Sebastian Reyneke (2019), Park Orchards, Multicultural
Harrison Pepper (2019), Morwell, Indigenous

Tarryn Trindall (Thomas) (2018), Hadspen, Indigenous
Leiwyn Jones (2019), Launceston, Indigenous

Derek Smith (2016/17), Mildura, Indigenous
David Smith (2017), Shepparton, Indigenous
Anthony Walker (2017), Kialla, Indigenous
Ajak Dang (2018), Mooroopna, Multicultural
Kyle Clarke (2018), Shepparton, Indigenous
Phillip Moi Moi (2018), Robinvale, Multicultural
Kailen Walker (2018), Red Cliffs, Indigenous
Hugo Ingham (2019), Shepparton, Multicultural
Peter Clarke (2019), Mildura, Indigenous
Kobe Brown (2019), Mildura, Indigenous
Masang Dang (2020), Mooroopna, Multicultural
Abel Conners (2020), Shepparton, Multicultural
Nathan Louw (2023), Swan Hill, Multicultural

Buku Khamis (2018), St Albans, Multicultural