The Beer Thread


Duvel glass lol!


Picked up two of em about 15 years ago. The only beer glasses that my missus hasn’t managed to break. :laughing:


I want to see photos of the lamb in the cooking thread!


Are you near Zushi? Yorocco Beer is killing it there. I’ve never been but they’ve got a place called Beach Muffin. I’ve had Yorocco stuff over here, fantastic farmhouse ales.


Sure am, Jez-san.

Zushi-shi is 100m from my joint. One of my main stomping grounds. I’m smack bang on the border of Zushi/Kamakura/Yokohama.

Haven’t tried Yorocco Beer yet, but will definitely hunt it down now. Cheers.


Yeah, it should be around. It’s just a small operation, but really nice stuff. One day I’ll definitely get out that way!


The washitsu awaits…:wink:


Report on this one? Interesting concept. Imagining fruity hop botanicals and creamy lactose?


Ripping beer. Good dose of bitterness at the end of the palate making for a nice refreshing beer although not the norm for the style. Ripping head on it, thick and smooth and soft mouthfeel.


Had a few of the Exit range and been suitably happy with the quality.

Still, if I want mass produced beer I can’t go past anything Czech, lager or Pils.


At a charity lunch, haven’t had the same beer twice, as we work our way through the taps.

The Balter XPA is an absolute cracker.


It’s their best beer by some margin. The rest of the range are pretty over rated.


Seen it mentioned in here, so gave it a try, it’s better than the Two Birds, Hawker & Czech pils I’ve had.

Might have to break my rule and go back for a second.


I like Balter XPA, but agree the rest is a little ho hum.

There’s another brewery near them called ‘Black Hops’. Doing great stuff.


Much better than Hawkers, Two Birds etc.


Yeah Black Hops do some great stuff… not so much on the socials… although there are those that would say any publicity is good publicity.


Vietnam war aside, this is a great story about having a beer with mates


I have been in Vietnam for over two weeks and drunk a lot of beer.

Larue is a very good drop and i am paying about $1 for a 500 ml bottle at the local bar, it is $3 at the hotel, but I have not checked what it costs to be a " slab" at the mini mart, must be very cheap.

Today is 29 deg and sunny, and just right for more Larue !


Asian beer is perfect for their climate. Even Bintang isn’t too bad. And the price is right, opiate if the masses.


Why didn’t you buy 6 calendars? That way every day you can drink a 6 pack?

I’m tempted to go buy one now. Then i get to play catch up.