The Blitzlow - Season 2020 - congrats nackers!

A different sort of year this year, not primarily focused on footy - and my votes reflect that.

Give your 5 through 1 (5 votes being the highest), and also give out an additional award of your choosing - can be good, bad, funny, whatever…

5 votes - @Preliminary_Point2 - knowledgeable, insightful, funny, never logs off, what’s not to like.
4 - @Albert_Thurgood - for patiently answering all my silly questions.
3 - @Glu - for providing answers to the questions that I never even knew I had
2 - @Klawdy - all around awesome contributor and dude
1 - @scotty21 - for always always making me laugh.

My award, the “John Farnham Retirement Award” goes to @theDJR for having an entire thread dedicated to his Blitz retirement and then never leaving even for a day. That takes some balls! (And no offence DJR we all love you, and please stick around forever).

Your turn. I’ll do a tally at some point, or not, if I can’t be farked…

Thanks to everyone who makes this place great.





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5 @barnz
4 @barnz
3 @barnz
2 @barnz
1 @barnz

i rate me.


Take it to the Captain Obvious thread.


Context to the above: she then died, a replacement was summoned bloody quick, and then she came back to life.

(But I will still move this from the News forum, because unless we’re getting The Rage to report we’re getting Ricky Mott or The Hun calls me a “hacker” for finding the Atley draft video, Blitz is not news. Well, apart from all those other times.)

The obvious winner, for multiple reasons, is @Hoffy.

  1. @nackers. No other poster delivers the goods like him.

  2. @scotty21 really just for delivering us 2MP through witchcraft/voodoo or obsession, whatever it’s worked for better or worse

  3. @WeekendAtBernies. We all got taken for a glorious trade fortnight ride with a guy who fashions himself on an 80s icon. Don’t really get his input the other 50 weeks of the year. For the lols.

It’s boom or bust though, will trade @scotty21 out if 2MP is a bust in 2021

Also nuggets.


@xaviermenzies ftw


I just have to preface this by saying that only the outstanding score votes this year. No “nice guy” votes.

5- @Hoffy . Brilliant in every way.
4- @nackers. For obvious reasons.
3- @SMJ. For contributions to bbq sauce and also support early in the pandemic.
2- @samwoods. Great commitment to regular updates
1- @Robin_Close. The quiet achiever. My favourite part was the spoilers for the beer advent calendar that was doing Uncle @choppsuey’s head in.

Apologies to many. Including DJ, beer and Covid contributors. Actually, maybe I’ll do a Mike Sheehan style top 50. Yesss. Great idea. Brb.


5 @HirdMentality
4 @Aceman
3 @scotty21
2 @nickers
1 @nackers

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I don’t even think I could narrow it to top 5 in the COVID or Cooking threads. So many great contributors.


your all losers

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How have you not liked your own posts the most times?

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My lawyer sucks and djr won’t allow it.

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Everyone is pretty amazing especially those that hang out in the cooking
thread, but special mention this year must go to @DonMania for his honest and often heartbreaking takes on the US election.


Looks like I’m Donnington and you’re Guelfi.


I miss Donnington. Whatever happened to that guy?

So stallion is parish?

There should be a ‘the most improved poster of the year’ award named after Myers too - @Alan_Noonan_10 got my vote.


And votes go to those who provided training reports from QLD.