The Category A Utility Draft, Vanilla McVanillaface

Going for some reverse psychology.

Starts in 1 hours

Yes I’m grasping at straws


Have you been drinking?


Black Magik or White Knight?

Welcome to Essendon - Vanilla half back flanker who comes from a great family and has a strong constitution. We couldn’t believe he was still there at our selection

How many vanilla panic merchants :rofl:

No, driving while typing



Grant + Milera

White privilege

I hear Will Hams is available at Box Hill, might be worth a look.


Brett Eddy is looking for a VFL club

27 minutes till it starts, 30 till VPM

There will be a brief interlude while carlton makes the only pick of the PSD. They really do need to scrap it.

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Is there anywhere to listen to this draft?

Dodoro said we’d only take one vanilla pick in the rookie draft, but the herald sun says we will be taking 2 vanilla picks. And it has to be true because it was in the herald sun

I’m not sure there’s anything to listen to. It used to be a phone call, but I think they have an app now

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We have pick 11 and pick 26

Carlton are now taking a PSD pick.

And on the AFL site, it shows Freo as having pinched Hawthorn’s first rookie pick…which I thought couldn’t be traded.

But then…it’s Hawthorn. They’d trade their mother-in-law for a round 5 2021 rookie pick.

Do we want Cassidy?