The Chaminda Vaas thread - 2022

This one is just for naming people who have been delisted, not for saying who we should pick up as DFA’s.

So only for people who’ve got the Chaminda, the Tijuana or the Lemonade.


Carlton -

Luke Parks
Oscar McDonald
Jack Newnes

Essendon -

Tom Cutler
Tom Hird
Garrett McDonagh

Port Adelaide have some delisting so too I think!?

Port Adelaide

Sam Skinner
Sam Mayes
Taj Schofield

St Kilda

Darragh Joyce

Chaminda Vaas’ full name is Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas. But I’ll concede it doesn’t roll off the tongue and is bit harder to rhyme.


Can you centralise them in the top post?

North Melbourne
Kyron Hayden
Patrick Walker
Matt McGuinness

Tom Phillips
Jackson Callow
Daniel Howe
Connor Downie

Matthew Parker

Port Adelaide
Sam Mayes
Taj Schofield
Sam Skinner

Another that had the hope of Aaron Francis.

schofield surprises me thought he looked promising in u18s. is there a story there, a re-rookie prospect, just couldn’t produce?

big bodied mid, disciplined, probably a smidge old for us but looked promising there for a little while a couple of years ago. Has had injuries this year. wouldn’t surprise me if they re-rookie him. Newcombe just shot past him i guess

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Liam Stocker delisted by Carlton.