The COLA is gone


I agree with this, but in the interest of making the competition a little bit fairer, I think they should have changed coach. A proven modern coach and a bit of success (i.e. premierships) would make it a lot easier to retain the talent.


The COLA was paid by the AFL not by Sydney or Brisbane or Gws or Gold Coast .
It was on top of their Player Payments.


COLA was always a ridiculous payment - Players who average 350K per annum don’t need any type of rent assistance no matter what state you live in.


Not until recently you wouldn’t.

Example Went to visit friends of ours in Sydney , they are MD’s had just bought a small three bedroom place. While having a shower I slipped and nearly put my arm through the wall. The whole wall was collapsing and the floor was not much better. Not good enough for a million bucks I thought. Told by other friends this story is not uncommon.

I have to wonder don’t people get houses inspected by a reputable building inspector before the sale?