The Comedy Thread


Nobody’s been to any shows worth recommending yet??

I’ll get the ball rolling then. I saw a young bloke doing his first festival show - Aaron Chen. Definitely a little rough around the edges, especially his crowd work, but overall an impressive debut show. 7.5/10

Plus there’s a whole bit dedicated to hot chips.


Speaking of comedic Chen’s, … just discovered Ronnie is now a regular contributor on 'The Daily Show" !

I might have to watch it again now.(Haven’t really been a Noah fan)


Ronnie was the warm up act for Bill Burr’s stand up in Melbourne a few years back. Had never heard of him at the time. He did about a 15 minute set and it was tight. Very funny. I mentioned to the wife he’ll go places and a few months later we spotted him on the Daily Show. I wonder if Burr made that happen for him.


Saw Jeff Green last night
He’s good 8.5/10
Might see Jenny Eclair next


Checking out Luke McGregor tonight. Will report back later.


He’s been selling out big venues for 4-5 years, so, no.


As expected he was hilarious. I’m sure his awkwardness is just an act but it works perfectly into his schtic.


Between working a graveyard shift, and having a 6 month old baby, getting to the festival this year has proved pretty tough.

Hoping to still get to Luke Mcgregor.

Thank fark for Netflix comedy though. Louis Ck’s latest is a bit of return to form, dark cynical c*nt that he is.


Sam Simmons. Get there.


It’s not really!


Went there based on this post

Yeah, nah. Must have different tastes in comedy, thought his routine lacked any sort of momentum, was funny in parts and other parts were just “meh”


These gave me some of my all-time biggest laughs:


Lavell Crawford looks like an upside-down face.


So I went and saw Jerry Seinfeld last night.

Didn’t really know what to expect. Was hopeful it would be good but was expecting that some of my love for the guy might be exposed as mere nostalgia.

I was wrong. He was absolutely superb. Did 90 minutes and is as sharp and insightful as he’s ever been.

I’m a comedy nerd. I go to a lot of stand up and I have seen some great great performers and some brilliant shows. But I can honestly say that this show was the best I have ever seen (and not by a little bit either).

He’s got one more show in Melbourne tonight. If you have any chance of getting a ticket then take it.


That feeling when you get pick up Dylan Moran tix for $35 in NYC


Went a saw the great Dylan Moran and he was fantastic

Worked out it was the opening night of his USA tour. So yes there was silence, paper with written down content that he often referred to and played around with the set - but that aside he was fantastic.

With Mr Moran you either like that type of humor or you don’t - descriptive and his depth of language is simply brilliant.

Like watching Jobe of 2017 or Ponting in his last summer, you are watching greatness but not at their peak.

He has slowed a little, but none the less he incorporates that stage of his life into his material. He did Trump (but not in that obvious annoying hollywood way, in his brilliant way), family, age, kids, youth , New York

He described Pence as having a look of someone strangling a mouse in their top coat.

Effing brilliant :joy:

We also got move to the second row, so I believe we locked eyes on more than one occasion.


Peter Helliar and Tom Gleeson playing in Cairns in a few weeks. Don’t give two hoots about Helliar, but might give Gleeson a look.


Had a good few nights at the Comedy Festival this weekend.

My pick thus far is Aunty Donna. Those guys are friggin hilariously mental.


one of them has to be the most sweatiest person ever.


Son went & saw Matt Okine