The Comedy Thread


Randy (sans Sammy J) was excellent.


Tom Gleeson doing Hard Quiz is hilarious.


get some really weird units.

im waiting for a saga tin foiler to get on, with their expert topic the essendon drug saga.


been watching james acaster’s netflix special. thoroughly recommend.


This is a good bit on…well, just watch it.


Ursla Carlson. Very funny


The crazy family in my street who burst a water pipe doing work in the front yard. Hilarious to see they try and stuff plastic bags over it and rocks. Water is reaching the roof.


Very funny guy.


Loris Karius’ goalkeeping would have to be listed as a comedy…


My Favourite. Steve had a break down a couple years ago but is back doing stand up with less hair. Still funny, bit more dark thou


Anybody else seen Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix Special?

It’s not all that funny, but holy hell, it’s intense.

A must see.


Try sitting through it in a pokey little room seating maybe a hundred.
She pulled quite a bit of material for Netflix, too.


Yeah I tried, thought she started really strong and then lost me


I bet.

Did you see it at the festival?


Speaking of brilliant comedy that makes you feel awkward and angry


I was watching that then my kid started dancing to the “heads, shoulders not the toes” so I had to stop.

It’s too real.


It’s an outstanding piece of work.

And the amount of high profile people who have already come out all guns blazing because they know they’ve been fooled gives me really high hopes for the season.


I’m still kinda waiting for the presser where he takes off the Trump mask and reveals it’s all been a hilarious prank.


“He died doing what I love”


‘Anti-tragedy agenda’ hahahahahahaha