The continuing death of journalism


I mean they'll die along with Fairfax. Not everyone over 55 will die. I can see how it may have looked though.


Serious question, with all the crap, mistruths, and click bait that Fairfux journos wrote over the saga, including Baker and Mckenzie, SWMNBN, the editorials, and assorted other journos going for the jugular on EFC and Hird, am I stating the obvious when I really don't care about them anymore?

I have found my alternate sources of news, I am in control of my news, I have a varying sources so I don't get caught in an echo chamber. I just couldn't give a rats about Fairfux (or Murdoch).


Ah clickbait and attacking Hird, EFC. Something the hun dosen't do.


Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, I hold The Hun in the same opinion, I don’t care what happens to them too.


WOW! Now, that really IS news!


Right here and now, I will refute that. Everyone over 55 WILL DIE!!!!!!


While I welcome my newfound immortality, being under 55, I'm not sure what I'll do with all that time...


If a tree falls in the woods, but it doesn't get turned into a newspaper to tell people about it, because nobody buys a newspaper any more, including the unemployed Fairfax journos who can't afford it, did it really happen?

And most importantly, will it make the Bomberblitz Climate Change thread a happier place?


Well thanks for that.

Are you granting exemptions?


I'm more worried about my super running out.


Well you could always sell the Sydney Harbour Bridge that you bought off that nice Greek man a few years back. That should keep you going for a while.


I'm huessing that you are on about 20 defined benefit schemes.


Haven’t been in a DB scheme since I left AMP In November 1976.




At least AMP was based in Circular Quay, so pretty close to where the First Fleet ended up…12 years later.


Should start a count of how many times Colombia is spelt Columbia. Seeing it all too much


Was tongue in check about the Boycott Baleee 'straya movement.


I was reading one of those cheap series of books on Amazon Kindle - almost certainly self-edited and self-published - where he continually spelt it Columbia. I dumped the author for that very reason.


Spot the journalistic magnificence in the Erin Phillips headline from today's Herald Sun.... Jesus wept...


Is the error "How good is Daniher's kicking?"