The continuing death of journalism


Really shouldn't be making errors of that sought


No, they ort not…


Did they sort out her signature or not?


Rohan Connolly is leaving The Age.


Is that journalism getting worse or better?


The Age have lost Emma Quayle and Rohan Connolly in the matter of months.

The Age are f*cked in terms of football news, if they weren't already f*cked prior. They are drifting down a path of sensationalist news, and very little football nous.


Print media is ■■■■■■.


You say that like it’s a bad or new thing for them.


That's a shame - soon all that will be left are 'news' articles that rehash press releases and opinion pieces.


Maybe RoCo can join the Herald-Sun and hook up with Rita

Just like old times


Drifting? They’re on a fkn jetski


What are the baby boomers going to do for news now? Aside from the rolling hysteria that is free to air TV news bulletins. In some ways I hope free to air TV follows it into it’s own death spiral. Even if we all have to pay for televised sports eventually.


I sort of thought it might have been a split infinitive.


Excreta stirrer.


Sam Lane, Martin Flanagan and others have also said they are leaving


Sam Lane QC appointed High Court Justice?


Is Sam MacClure the biggest ■■■■■■■ ever?


No, just another meaningless vulture like most of them.


As mentioned, Martin Flanagan is also gone now.

To me it seems very little coincidence that journalists from The Age who seemed to care most about football and football players are the ones leaving, and the ones who don’t mind doing whatever they’re are told to do and rake any muck they want raked up are staying.

Nathan Buckley firing up last night was interesting, with him aiming at the people who are put at the pinnacle of the football media, you can read (from and see for yourself below.

Nathan Buckley Passionately Criticises The AFL Media Landscape

Viewers have praised a very open and frank conversation between Nathan Buckley and Craig Hutchison on Channel 9’s Footy Classified last night on the state of football media.

Buckley didn’t hold back as he lined up the media landscape - in particular, the habit of ‘doorstopping’ to get exclusives out of reluctant players.

The Collingwood coach described the practice as “cringeworthy”; when Hutchison encouraged him and others to create an environment where players are more accessible to talk to.

“Our job is to communicate with our members,” Buckley said.

"To bring them as close to the football club as we can. And we try and make our players as accessible as possible to our supporters.

"As senior coach, my job is to prepare the team to play winning football. If my players are uncomfortable walking into work because they’ve got a camera shoved in front of their face - that’s not great.

“I feel uncomfortable when someone tries to doorstop me. It’s not right. Don’t do it.”

Hutchison replied that it has been created by the clubs themselves who have been overly restrictive with player access, but Buckley disagreed.

“No, it’s created by the competition that you guys have created for yourself,” Buckley said.

"Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 - all of the footy shows. Try and get a grab that no one else is going to get, plug it within an inch of its life.

“It’s like TMZ.”

The Brownlow medallist also went as far as to say that the media can’t be trusted in their reporting of information.

“The mistrust between media and clubs is born out of inaccessibility,” Hutchison debated.

“It’s born out of who you allow to sit at the pinnacle of your media,” Buckley replied.

"I can talk for 10 minutes, 12 minutes in a press conference - and I know the line that will be used.

"And it won’t be representative of what I’ve said in the press conference.

“The little grabs you use are not always representative of reality, and the media is responsible for how you use those grabs and how you create reality because it’s very far away from where it actually sits.”

Watch the full discussion here:


I used to feel guilty about not supporting the good journalists who still worked for the once great newspaper which was The Age. Now they're not going to be there any more, I can just feel sad.

However the media has never been thorough and accurate, and if you can find online sources you trust who are closer to the truth, then you are better off than before.

This assumes some discernment however.