The continuing death of journalism


If a Tree falls in the Forest ...


Whilst I agree...

Ex-players don't get the reaction that the Barrett's and Wilson's get.
So why would I want someone on a program who talks sense but doesn't get a reaction against someone who talks ■■■■■ but still gets a reaction meaning it is far easier to measure how much of an audience they are capturing?

If the public ignored the idiot journos, they wouldn't hold onto a job long enough to be able to capture a market.

It doesn't matter if the reaction is good or bad. The fact someone is willing to respond only fuels their need to continually get a reaction.


...hopefully it lands on an afl communications specialist.


Classified should never have a current coach as part of the panel. The first week was dominated by Collingwood and week two was dominated by Buckley and Hutchison debate on the role of the media.

Last two weeks was poor television.


Is there any good 'footy' television lately?




And crappified is the last show you'd watch of them all.

Even TF is intolerable with that punce McClure on it now.


Wireless Radio is king and always will be.. The picture painted... Can get it anywhere!


""I'd rather be wrong and first than right and second" (Various)


If loving you is wrong.... I don't wanna be right.

R. Stewart.


#352 that a legit thing???


From the TV show, "Silicon Valley"


Damn funny show too. Highly recommend.


I haven't even heard of it, but the first thing I thought of when i saw that clip, was Steve Jobs.


That's exactly who the character is based on.

Friend of mine introduced me to it a couple of months ago. So many hilarious characters.


Been watching it since it first started, it's fantastic.


The Front Bar is probably my favourite "footy" show on TV at the minute.


Geez, they're clutching at straws to classify this as "Essendon news" aren't they???


What do you expect - "Door open for bloke who gave Suns player CJC..."?