The continuing death of journalism


Let’s get them out in one foul swoop. That will all go well for us for all intensive purposes.


Irregardless of what anyone arks me I could care less about it.


I don’t understand, you’ll have to be more pacific


I understood your intent. Give Al DJR’s joke/poster gif.


Fairfax taken over by channel 9. The only non-Murdoch newspaper outlets will now have a CEO who’s an ex senior liberal party man.

Media diversity, hey?


Absolutely. That will all go well for the future.


All that’s left to do is for News Corp to buy out The Guardian and media is screwed on all fronts now.


I used to trust and support the guardian. it’s now little more than listicles and opinion pieces.


One of my favourites. From Crikey Review:

“Davide Livermore, an internationally celebrated opera innovist, directs and quite daringly choreographs the spectacle. He reigns nothing in. You might call it gaudy if it wasn’t so calculated.”

This Livermore must be the king of opera.


Are you trying to rein on his parade?


Nick McKenzie says the Nine takeover will not compromise Fairfax journalistic integrity. We all know that, in particular from his reporting of the Dank interview.


ABC News headline:

“More people turning up to work on ice, report finds”

I suppose they have to bring their own skates too.



Steering an out of control helicopter. Well done you!
At least the body of the story made some sense.


Global warming is a hoax. There’s people ice skating to work today.



Well I disagree with that one. I have no time for the Age at all, but that particular piece was fine.


Oh, hell no to the headline.


ABC to launch an $8m “lifestyle” service. We certainly need more fluff in our lives. Not enough competition around for that in every other outlet. Guthrie getting on with watering down the last balanced media source in the nation.


That’s a shithouse headline on the Lyle story


Arguably the Hun headline is worse: “Pray for Jarrod”.

No, he’s accepted his fate, you idiots.