The continuing death of journalism


Too late…I’ve already sent my thoughts and prayers.


Yeah, not really sure what’s the point in having the ABC if it just provides exactly what the commercial outlets already do.

On second thoughts, that’s probably exactly what the powers that be are going for.


Sadly ABC no longer balanced. Proof was the saga. A four corners program with some spine could have uncovered what really went on. But no, instead they outsource the Hal Hunter story to Fairfax. They can gagf.


Most of the AFL journo’s should go and get a job at NO IDEA, all have the right credentials.


On the radio:

DH1 - Asks question
DH2 - “Hmmm - well what do you think”?
DH1 - “Excellent question - blah blah blah…”


From FoxSports:


Well, they ain’t wrong.


I understand that there are quite a few former 31 year olds.



The former 31 year old, who is now not 31 anymore but 32, having had a Birthday since the time when he was 31 …




Technically - he isn’t ‘31 years old’ anymore.

And ‘technically’ is the best kind of ‘right’.


Are you @bugman5? He’s been known to use that crack about ‘technically’…quite frequently.



Sky News interviewing Blair Cottrell about immigration policy today. They introduced him as an ‘activist’. What he is is a neo-Nazi, in the most literal sense possible. He believes every classroom should have a picture of Hitler in it, and Mein Kampf should be handed out to schoolkids for free. He’s been convicted of arson, burglary, and breaching intervention orders and has spent time in prison for those offences.

Sky News’ viewership is tiny, but it’ll be going out to 10 million households with WIN pretty soon.

The Overton window is moving so fast that the windowcleaners are gonna get whiplash.



No doubt they’ll do nothing about it. That peice of ■■■■ should not have any platform.


Sky News Director now saying it was wrong to have Cottrell on air and has pulled repeats of his interview.


Rupert News.

Nasty News.

Nazi News.


“We’re sorry we got called out on our bullshit. We will issue an uninformative statement of vague contrition and then pretend this never happened, making no effort to explain the prevailing culture at Sky that has now progressed from mere dog-whistling to actually deliberately seeking out comment from full-fledged Nazis. Nobody at the station will be sacked or disciplined because the only thing they did wrong was to hire a Nazi who’s a bit too obvious about it. We will perform a rigorous internal review, the results of which I will ensure report exactly what i want them to, but it doesn’t matter because they won’t be made public or even read. In the meantime, stay tuned for The Rowan Dean And Andrew Bolt Show, who will make exactly the same arguments that Blair Cottrell did but it’s ok because nobody’s actually caught them jiggling their uglies to Hitler’s photo - yet - and by the way if you criticise them for being racist then it’s obvious evidence that the intolerant left is imposing fascist restrictions on free speech upon all decent Australians.”


I don’t think it’s a coincidence this happened after Bolt’s rubbish last week.



If they were to sack Murray, Credlin, Jones, Hadley, Dean, Kenny and shoot Bolt, they’d be showing decent signs of contrition.

If I’ve missed any, I apologise. Feel free to add them to the list for executions.