The continuing death of journalism


Sounds like every middle manager I ever met.


Hopefully a pushback against the more recent apathy towards the LNP’s antics.


Yeah, … but also, Guthrie has been pushing really hard into the Digital space & platforms, … and Murfuch has been very very upset by it.


In a simplistic sense, the Coalition have the numbers on the ABC board by now, don’t they?

Debatable whether this helps them PR-wise though.


As an old pharte, I’m very dependent on the ABC. I don’t mind what they provide on the radio and TV generally, except that sacking Red was very “unfortunate”, not that I’m awake early enough.

And I can never see this left-wing bias. They’re certainly not troglodyte fascists like the Liberal National right, but ■■■■ them…who cares about them bar Sky News?


Were you one of one of the sensitive folk who lost their mind when Red was installed, replacing I-don’t-remember-his-name, who had been there forever? There were some quality meltdowns at that time.

I miss Red. The newbies are soooo bland.


This at least, is very good newz, … get fcked Rupert.


I heard the Comcast deal included Ricky Dyson and a third rounder.


ABC left-wing ?

Maybe in late 1970’s, but today they are a right-wing bunch of channel 9 wannabes. Probably all MCC members.


I think that was Francis Leach’s missus who didn’t resume the gig after mat. leave.
The current pair are pathetic!


No…I used to like Evans the Wireless and Red is a curmudgeon like Evans the Wireless. I’ve even been called a curmudgeon myself, if you can believe that. But Peter Evans dropped off the twig whilst still the man. And always a Skyhooks fan, because I was Living in the Seventies.

Who preceded Red? I used to listen to Fox FM back in the days of How Green was my Cactus and Brunswick Heads Revisited.


Yeah I’ve never been able to work that one out.

Best I’ve got is anyone saying they have a left wing bias really means “I have never had anyone explicitly tell me that they have broadcast something I agree with.”


There’s a name I haven’t heard in a while

A curious googling tells me it’s still going!


Even if it’s a silly as I remember it being in the 80s-90s, it probably seems like highbrow political analysis in today’s dumbed-down political landscape.


Peter Evans, ah yes. Seriously old-school.


I only remember their take on the Combe-Ivanov affair…Ivanov telling his KGB handler about Australian language…two axe-handles across the ■■■■ = big woman.


At this point, any journalist who does their job presenting facts and asking hard questions of those in power, is considered left-wing.

If anything the ABC is so concerned about appearing left-wing that they go harder on Labor for the sake of ‘neutrality’

The fact the ABC is considered left-wing tells you how far right the FTA networks are.


It is pretty funny hearing them try to find neutral sounding words when reporting on Trump Twitter tirades.

“Some… uh… emphatic?..words from the president describing his thoughts on the matter.”


Time for Virginia Trioli to pull some Barnaby Joyce hi-jinks with the circular motion of the finger next to the ear signifying her thoughts on the other’s mental stability.


“Dealt a blow” is pinging a hammy in round 10 ffs.