The continuing death of journalism


Yeah, sounds inconvenient.


I’ll bet Red was disappointed.


Freezed, eh?..


Is Purple the biggest kn0b in the afl media? I occasionally read his Sliding Doors stuff because it amazes me how he manages to outdo himself. He raises (or is it ‘lowers’) the kn0b so effortlessly.


Is that a rhetorical question?

And why would you subject yourself to reading stuff that snivelling little cockslap had anything to do with?


Yes, very rhetorical.


Yarra building eh? Nice one Daniel, idiot.



The Yarra building was to be demolished to make way for a new Apple Store at Federation Square.Credit:Daniel Pockett


Celebrities Attend Derby Day

Bec to miss the cup for ‘dream’ New York gig

FLYING OUT REBECCA Judd will miss this year’s Melbourne Cup after landing a last-minute trip to New York for what she has called her “dream job”.




WTF does this have to do with anything?


“Judd will attend parties and interview Australian models behind the scenes in a role for Chadstone.”

Kill me now.


Can we not just immediately skip to the part of our future where people of no real utility are turned in to food?


Some very lean meat there…no marbling at all.


Some bloke tried turning the “unwanted “ into soap with limited acceptance.


Before his time. I think the world is ready now.


Nice that an average Aussie mum, can pick up her dream job in New York, leaving her hubby to look after the 4 kids at the drop of a hat. Truly news worthy.


How on earth has that frame gestated 4 humans?


The blue powder helps.


LOL. The dream job is to interview models for Chadstone promos.
Sounds like fake news.


You missed the point, which was that she won’t be at the Melb cup. She’s making this huge sacrifice. All for the good of humanity.