The continuing death of journalism


Claas Relotius here, for Der Spiegel.

Sounds like a comic book.
Those silly silly Germans.


I’ll never trust another Der Spiegel article again


Die Bart, Die.


At least his articles were interesting.



WTF? Just appalling.


Who the fk knows, … or cares?



Here is an example of a blatant lack of critical journalistic thinking and how far the willingness to take things at face value has gone.
How the statement below could be quoted with a straight face and without comment is beyond me…

“Prominent Collingwood cheer squad member Joffa Corfe said on Thursday that the grand final incident was “news to me”.

“In all my time in the Collingwood cheer squad, which is getting on to a long while, I’ve never heard any racism, nothing at all,” he said.

“I’d be the first one to stand up and do something about it, and to hear that a cheer squad member was racist is really disappointing.”

I mean, come on…


The most racism I’ve heard is always at Collingwood games. Even toward their own players.


Hence my fury a the writer of that article, accepting with a straight face such blatant falsehoods from Joffa. Remember the “ape girl”? Pretty sure she was CFC cheer squad. (Shakes head)


My favourite part of that is the assertion that “millions” of Australians care about rugby union


Fairly certain Nicky Winnmar would disagree with this toothless clowns assertions.

Michael Long probably has a few choice words as well


And considering Jones is on about 5 of Folau’■■■■■ list faults.

It didn’t mention getting nabbed by the Bobbies picking up blokes in a public dunny though, but it sort of looks like it sends you to Folau’s hell.


Nearly had a punch-up a couple of years ago with some ■■■■■■■■ going on all game about Lin Jong.


Joffa must have the same selective deafness as Worsha when he didn’t hear WCE crowd booing Jobe and our players.



Ouch. Good on Jack for calling him out.




That is fantastic! Well done Jack.