The continuing death of journalism



Tom?? Tom?? Are you there Tom, …

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Seriously??? Psychics??!! There is fun, and then there is this.

It’s paywalled, Doe.

What do they say? I gots to know.

I knew you were going to ask that.

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I predict it’s all a load of codswallop.

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He’ll be rich. Very rich.
He’ll find love but also heartache.
There will be ill health and a tragedy in the family.
He will find that fame and wealth does not bring happiness.
But he’ll be a fine young cannibal.

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They are a straight up pack of ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■.

In a cafe, waiting for my coffee.
Picked up today’s Herald Sun.
Read the first par of the front page story.
Put down the Herald Sun.
Wiped my hand on my pants.


Check the back of the age, love.


What else do you expect grabbing toilet paper willy nilly?

1st question: What is a luxury packpack? 2nd Question, is obvious.

‘Devastated’: Instagram model weeps after Richmond theft

PASSPORTS NABBED Fitness model Steph Claire Smith has wept in an emotional appeal on Instagram after her fiance’s luxury backpack was stolen in a Richmond smash-and-grab, begging the thief to return the couple’s passports.