The Cricket Thread (part 8) - from Jan 2024

I assumed this was an April Fool’s thing when I saw it. Is it actually legit?

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Make sure he doesn’t sneak in for arvo tea 5 minutes before the rest of the team.

Josh Phillippe joins Nic Maddinson in signing for NSW. Obviously a Sixers player in the BBL so he has a connection with Sydney/NSW already.

Lyon has signed with Lancashire for CC. However CA have refused to allow him to stay for the full season as they want him home in July to rest for our summer that starts in November. Seems like a weird long rest.

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It’s 100% because of his calf injury in the last Ashes series (plus his age).

Even were he to do that again while at Lancashire, that break is 16-weeks, and he’d be good to go for the first test.

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Very good article!

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For those who can read it, I presume haha

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A 140kmph up to the stumps stumping overnight.

That’s elite glove work.


Josh Brown to Renegades.
That’s not a bad signing by them.

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I’ve often wondered whether Cricket Australia play some sort of background role in facilitating player movement to try to establish some sort of equalisation and sharing of success. Not that it guarantees that of course.

CA must just look at the Renegades with disgust and just go get your sh¡t together you useless ■■■■■. They’d be worried about how poor they are most years and the Stars not much better which isn’t great when it’s your second most populous market.

That’s a good signing.

I hope they do. Step in and ensure no more Guptill or De ■■■■ signings which are just a waste of time.

Guptill was a horrific choice on account of him being cooked.

De K0ck, as one of those half tournament player contracts, made sense on paper at least. He’s still in basically the prime of his career and was in good form leading up IIRC.

Unfortunately he just got here and looked like he couldn’t give a fark. Renegades seem a bit like the Dons where according to Bomba Thompson good people come into the joint and just get absorbed by the culture rather than coming in and improving the place.

But yeah it does sh¡t me how we see most international players come and go rather than be able to stay throughout though I agree.

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The Rooster gets 55 off 35 on debut in the IPL.
The South African boy Stubbs goes alright as well even though Delhi are pretty trash.

Pant looks back as well, so we can expect to see him back in the team this summer.

This exact headline basically gets wheeled out every IPL :laughing::man_facepalming:

Michael Slater arrested yet again for assault.

Geepers, he’s a mess.

Trav’s T20 World Cup preparations are going along nicely on this IPL stint.


Deadly Derek … spun us out on a turner many a time.