The Cricket Thread (part 8) - from Jan 2024

Continuing the discussion from The Cricket Thread (part 7) - The Mitch Marsh Test Renaissance period - #10012 by IceTemple.

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Joseph a Bon Jovi fan. Living on a prayer.


Really enjoying this fight back by the Windies. At lunch 100 was looking like a stretch.


Yep it is really going to put the acid on our top order to score.

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Aussies getting angry. Haven’t seen that this summer

Long hot day in the field and things haven’t gone as expected. Frustrations are setting in.

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From 5/64 to 7/262 is one hell of a fight back


Was that a bit of “cmon ya carnt” from Starc?! :joy:

Points to WI on day one. Excellent partnership by Hodge and Da Silva set this up.

Tonk fest!

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The Joseph clan are enjoying the tour for the Windies

Bats really are strong aren’t they. Hit that almost at the toe and it still flies over the fielder

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It’s ridiculous how good modern bats are


Which practice matches in India??? I don’t recall any practice games in the most recent tour.
As far as dust bowls are concerned; India pitches turn from day one, just as English green tops swing or Aussie decks bounce. I could attribute just about as many Aussie wickets to poor shot selection rather than a spiteful wicket.
Touring teams are always ready to blame the wickets when they get thrashed in India.
When England batted today, the wicket seemed almost unplayable, yet India’s batsmen have scored with ease. That tells me India’s bowlers are just far more skilled in conditions suited to them than England’s.

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Hazlewood says f off.

When you watch footage from the 80s it’s puts it all in perspective.

What took them so long to add more wood?

Pretty much this. Can’t stand when people blame the pitch. Both teams have to bat on it- do the work pre tour and apply yourself and you can be successful