The defensive contested 1v1 thread

I will get to that at some stage.

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How is the ball coming in??

There simply isn’t enough pressure coming from up the ground.

Opposition forwards are getting it lace out, atm.

Yes but you can take a contested mark against a whole pack of players from both teams. I would be interested to see if there is any example of a contested mark taken by a forward, that is one on one and doesnt count as a contested one on one defensive loss for the defender. I know the explanation suggests that is possible but Im not sure it actually happens.


Yep, thats what im saying.

I think there was one by 2MP in the Melbourne game, where he marked about 40 out. May was right on his hammer and got solid body in, but 2MP still held it.

I believe that was a contested mark but not a one on one.

But I get what you are saying. it’s probably very rare.


yes, but getting it lace out generally doesn’t affect this stat.

The lack of pressure up field is surely why our quantity of one on ones has increased. But the guys losing 50/50’s isn’t all about that.

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Thanks for the explanation @Paul_Peos and @Tyler

Yeah that was actually the specific contest I was thinking of. Surely if the defender puts a spoil attempt in, but the forward marks, that should still count as a loss? Would seem to punish the defenders who are fast and have good closing speed

Just looked it up to see and your right, Q2 11:03 contested mark and only May is in the contest but not a loss against him. Fair enough though, he had no chance in the contest.

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But you can kicking it to the advantage of your team mate, in a marking contest.

It would count situations like Hawkins holding his advantageous position and marking so it is affected by the delivery but in a situation where a player leads and marks out in front where the defender has no chance to really contest the mark it wont. So yes, delivery affects it, but probably not the biggest factor.

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yep. the more advantage the kick is to the forward, the less likely they are to count it.

I’ve been through a few games trying to match the numbers they give to the contests, and it appears they count very few contests as 50/50.

That doesn’t make it any more of an accurate portrayal of a defender, but it’s the same way they counted it last year, so year-to-year comparisons have some relevance imo.


@Paul_Peos a suggestion for a variation of the analysis to be done later in the season.

If we are being honest, we have played against probably the top 3 forward lines in the comp in our first 5 games.

Not sure if this is easy to do, but maybe you could later in the season break those stats down by contests against Top 6, Middle 6 and Bottom 6 teams and see how those numbers change (you’d assume the loss percentage would decrease against the bottom sides, obviously).

You could compare that to the other players in the comp, and get a picture of where our players are performing.

This analysis may take too long to do however…

That would take some time…

This is shaping up as a horrible season on field, so i might be distracted enough to do it at some stage. I can’t find Team Stats for this though, so it would all be done individually by player per game.

So, ah… maybe, if you wanna help?

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Damn, thought it would be like that. Where are you getting these stats from? Sorry if it’s mentioned above

I mean anything sounds more interesting than watching us play at the moment…

Just the stats on the AFL site. (website, not app.)

Go to stat leaders, category: defence.

Show us the knighta years.

I wish I had them. I wanna know Tayte Pears numbers for 2009.

Unfortunately they only started in 2013, and I can only get numbers for guys still playing.

Do the team thing rewatch every game of the knighta era


I’d watch a fair chunk of 2009 again.

2010 is no chance. 2008 barely exists as a season in my mind, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Maybe the opposition just don’t kick the ball to his opponent when he’s on them?