The Dog Thread


My sister fosters dogs, mainly working dogs like kelpies and border collies. She's had about 40 go through her care in the last few years.

Her latest dog was an 8 month kelpie who was surrendered by his owners after they almost gave him to someone to be shot! He's now been living with us for the last week and he's an awesome dog. Blows my mind how anyone could think of shooting him.

We have another dog, a pure bred rhidgeback who's 8 that we did get from a breeder. When we got her we looked around a lot of the shelters to see if they had anything we'd like but had no luck. In future we will always adopt a dog.

All the shelters are crowded with dogs who have had a very tough life. If anyone is looking for a new dog then I'd urge you first to see whats available to adopt. Nearly every dog bread out there has adoption agencies. Giving an animal a second chance is life is one of the most fulfilling things you could do.

My sister fosters a lot of dogs from heard2homes. She also fosters golden retrievers from time to time but I can't recall the name.


Hahaha - you know what? I had one as a kid also, and one of my Dad;'s favourite pics was me kneeling down with Penny at the food bowl munching on dog food kibble :slight_smile:


I love Ridgebacks. Beautiful dogs.


We have had some great dogs.

Currently have a black Labrador (looks great with a red collar) and an Alaskan Malamute. They are big, loud and lots of fun, good with kids but maybe a bit energetic.

Best dog ever was a female Blue Heeler. Very smart, loyal, easily trained and obedient, incredible with small kids and a great watch dog.


I normally recommend rescue greyhounds, but they tend to be couch potatoes so might not fit the 'moderately active' requirement.

Golden retriever/poodle crosses (groodles) are great, and would fit your requirements perfectly. There can be a long wait time though.

Re purebreds vs bitzers, it's not always clear cut & depends hugely on the breeder. Lots of bitzers are bred for the pet trade by puppy farmers who will breed any dogs with the requisite bits regardless of temperament or genetic issues. Also, you want a breeder who will take the time to socialise the puppy from a young age. Rescue dogs are better from an independent rescuer (make sure the rescuer you adopt from demands the right to interview you, inspect your place etc before adopting, cos that shows they give a shit) or from the RSPCA cos the RSPCA put down dogs with problematic temperaments rather than put them up for adoption. Beware the ones who arrange to meet you in a park or something to hand the dog over, that's a scam, they'll demand big $ on the spot for the puppy & threaten to kill it in front of you & your family if you don't pay. Some purebreds have well known tendencies towards genetic problems (king Charles cavaliers, golden cocker spaniels, bulldogs, pugs, German shepherds for example) so if you want to get one of these it's best to pay the extra $ and get one from a top breeder. Most purebreds are no more or less prone to genetic problems than a non-purebred but there are some landmines, do your research first. Ask for a hip dysplasia score if you're getting a golden lab.


We have one of each. 1 bitzer, 1 purebred. Collectively they are known as "The Lads." Wally, the bitzer, is a rescue dog, and is a hound. He is also my current avatar. He was already quite old wen we got him, and had had a pretty hard life. We fell in love with him and wanted to ensure that the rest of his life was far nicer than what he had been through. Part beagle, part something else houndy, he's basically a stomach on legs. And a great little fella. Oscar is a purebred standard poodle, and has the kindest nature of any dog I have ever met. And being a poodle he doesn't shed which is nice. He is also a top fella. I don't think it matters what the dog's breeding is, or whether he came from the pound or some snooty breeder. A good dog is good dog is a good dog. Get what you love and enjoy it. I wouldn't trade either of ours for the world.

This is them the day we brought Wally home from the pound

This is them in their Essendon Dog Jumpers

And here is Wally consoling Oscar after a loss




How do I embed pics like that @Reboot?


I like that you haven't given Oscar one of those awful Poodle clips - he looks great. I bet people assume he is an 'oodle of some sort though. Standard Poodles are high on my list, but finding a breeder we get along with has been a problem - where did you get Oscar from?


Go for something that is low maintenance - ie no brushing, shedding, dont need heaps of exercise, listens, good with kids.


Yep, people are always assuming Oscar is a labradoodle. He's the Joe Daniher of poodles too, being several inches taller than a normal standard poodle, so that helps with the confusion. As does the no pom poms hairdo.

We live in Tassie, so Darli bought him off a breeder down here. But really, if you want one, find someone who breads good stock, and just buy the ■■■■■■■. Once you own it the breeder doesn't matter any more. And if you get one with as beautiful a nature as Oscar, you could not wish for anything better. A magnificent dog.


The Spoo breeder we have been talking with insists on desexing at 8 weeks which we are not comfortable with due to its effect on growth & (possibly) health. I think her motives are around controlling the breed lines above animal welfare. Seems the subject of early vs late desexing is quite a minefield.


I don't know what age Oscar was when he was desexed. Darli would know the answer to that one. I'll ask her when she gets home.


First you have to upload the pics to a pic hosting site like photobucket or similar, then just copy the link from there into a post here. Simples.

Wally is waiting for Mutley to make his appearance.


Boot is a dentist. He can't show you his face.


Used to always have labs. They ■■■■ for Australia so make sure your daughter is willing to help clean up. Current doggo is a greyhound/pointer cross rescue. She's a tad shy round blokes but probably the most obedient and easy to train one I've had. Even though she's pushing 40kgs she's a big sook and not very food driven.


Not helpful for the thread purpose but beagles are the best looking dogs.


Ridiculous - de-■■■ at 14 weeks, and pick it up then!

And W T F???? (sex) is censored????



IME, desexing a dog, of either gender, before they have had a chance to mate, or have at least one litter, really screws them up.